The Top 6 Reasons Installing Rain Gutters Will Make Your Home Durable

installing rain gutters

Gutters are one of the home improvements that tend to get overlooked. People forget to clean out their gutters or to get them replaced when they start to become damaged. However, gutters are so important in making your home more durable. They do a lot for the home and it’s time to understand all that they do for our houses.

1. Rain Gutters Protect Your Roof

The main way that gutters make your home more durable is that they protect your roof. Rain gutters prevent water from piling up on your roof and sitting for days on end. Instead, when you have rain gutters, the water on the roof will be moved to the gutters and taken back to the ground.

If you don’t install rain gutters onto your roof, water will sit and you will see water damage over time. Water sitting on your roof will make the material go soft, leading to your roof breaking down and water leaking into your home. It is expensive to repair and fix a roof, so prevent those extra expenses by installing rain gutters.

2. Rain Gutters Prevent Animals from Living on Your Roof

Many animals will try to live on or in your roof. Squirrels, rats, and other rodents will see your roof as the perfect place to start a home. However, that will cause damage to your roof just like how water will.

Gutters act as a barrier against small rodents from climbing to your roof. They see the metal rods as dangerous and uncomfortable; they also make the journey more challenging.

However, you must remember to keep your gutters clean. When you don’t regularly clean them, leaves and other debris will clog the gutters. Not only will this prevent the rain gutters from completing their purpose, but they also look way more inviting to the small creatures you are trying to keep away. However, when your gutters are clean, they will do well at keeping small creatures away.

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3. Rain Gutters Prevent Basement Flooding

If you have a basement, you are already aware of the actions and events that can cause your basement to flood. Too much rain, natural disasters, and pipe breaks can turn your basement into a dirty pool of water.

Rain gutters may not be able to prevent flooding caused by pipes breaking, but they can keep your home protected from flooding due to rainstorms. When you get rain, the water from the roof will fall into the gutters and be directed to a splash block.

A splash block is a block of cement that gets placed underneath the downspout of your rain gutter. It is a simple object that slows the absorption of rainwater into the ground. It prevents too much water from going into the ground too quickly, which could cause water to leak into the basement.

Preventing floods makes your home a lot more durable as it protects it from further water damage.

4. Rain Gutters Prevent Mold

Mold will grow anywhere that is dark and wet. When rainwater gets trapped on the roof or near the foundation of your home (because the water didn’t get directed to a splash block) the dark hours of the night create the perfect environment for mold to grow.

When mold grows, you will be in a world of health problems. Mold makes it hard to breathe and it will also eat away the materials of your house, creating an unhabitable environment if it gets bad enough.

Prevent mold from growing on/in your home by getting a rain gutter installation. Gutters will direct the water towards a splash block so your house can dry off easier and mold won’t be able to grow.

5. Rain Gutters Keep Bugs Away

No one wants to deal with a bug infestation. Having a home gutter installation is an important way to keep your home free from pesky bugs that love moisture.

When you don’t have rain gutters, water from the rain will pool above, under, and all around the house. What creatures love wet and dark environments? Bugs. Many kinds of bugs, including water beetles, earwigs, silverfish, gnats, and many more are attracted to dark and wet spaces. Not having rain gutters creates this ideal environment so you will likely find your home faces infestations.

With rain gutters, the water will be redirected to places that won’t become the wet and dark environment that gross bugs love. Instead, the area around and above your house will remain drier and you won’t have to deal with bugs. This improves the durability of your home as when bugs make their nests, they can build it into the foundation of your home, making the foundation weaker.

6. Rain Gutters Will Keep Your Garden Safe

Making your home durable also means making the plant life around your home safe and protected from excess moisture. Without rain gutters, your plants might get flooded by the rain. Also, the runoff from the roof mixed with the debris that has also been collected up there can mess with the pH of the soil and bring pollution down to your plants.

Protect your plants by having the rainwater directed to a splash block instead of pouring off of your roof however the water pleases. Rain gutters directing rain away from your garden will also prevent your plants from getting fungus and mold which, if you are growing produce, can harm you and your family if eaten.

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Getting rain gutters installed keeps your home safe and protected. Too much water causes a lot of damage causing materials to rot to be the perfect environment for mold and fungus to grow. With rain gutters, all of the damage from water are reduced if not eliminated.

Rain gutters are constantly overlooked when it comes to home improvement, but now you know that you shouldn’t be overlooking them anymore. Both you and your home will be happier once you have rain gutters on your roof.

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