7 Incredibly Beautiful Home Roofs You Have to See

country home with metal roof

If you are making a change to the design of your roof, you will want to get some inspiration. Storm Master Gutters gathered 7 of the most beautiful home roofs that you have got to see before you get to work with your own project.

No matter what you want to do with the gutters on your roof, we can help! We have plenty of custom options for you to sort through and can make the gutters from a wide selection of durable materials.

Without further ado, check out these gorgeous roofing ideas!

1. Clay Tile Roofing

clay tile roofing

We love the rustic appeal of this home. Clay tiles look amazing with any type of gutter system and are growing in popularity. While this is the classic coloring option, the tile can actually come in a broad range of glazed colors.

These tiles are also durable- lasting a homeowner the rest of their lifetime after installation. It is low maintenance, although not entirely budget friendly.

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We love the way that this type of tile looks with copper gutters. The natural color in the copper accents the tones in the tiles nicely. In this image, white gutters are used. This is a better option if you want a contrasting “outline” on your home instead.

Overall, this is a beautiful roof! Clay tiles are timeless and make any home stand out.

2. Asphalt Shingle Roofing

asphalt shingle roofing

Asphalt shingles always have a classic and homey look to them. We thought that this roof looked comfortable- like it was attached to a cozy home to live in.

The coloring of the shingles here are pleasant and not the typical gray color that you often see on most homes. By just switching the color, the mood that the house gives off is completely different.

We thought that the white K-style gutters added to the pleasant feeling of this home. They outline the roofing and make it “pop”!

So, as you can see, going with classic asphalt shingles does not need to be boring- you can find unique ways to breathe new life into the roof on your home.

3. Country Home with Metal Roof

country home with metal roof

The architecture of farmhouses is always fun to look at. What made this one stand out, was the white home and metal, red roof. This combination looks amazing and unique.

The design of the home is classic and reminds us of the past, while the roof is more modern- giving the home an interesting aesthetic. We also loved the black shutters by the windows. They demand a lot of attention and look great against the white wall.

In short, this is a beautiful home with a vibrant roof. We enjoyed everything there is to see on this house.

4. Slate Roofing Tiles


Slate roofing always looks incredibly elegant and beautiful. Many historic or period homes use slate- so if you want to have a historic theme surrounding your home, a slate roof is the way to go.

We also thought that the gutters did a nice job of matching the stone building material. Storm Master Gutters has many customizable rain gutter options, meaning you would be able to easily achieve a similar look on your own home.

We really enjoy seeing roofs made out of this kind of material. Slate can match almost any kind of home, is durable, and looks quite beautiful.

5. Victorian Roofing

victorian roofing

Victorian homes always have a lot of peaks and valleys present in their roofing. We thought that this example was nice to look at and had a lot of character. Victorian homes are very old now- making them interesting structures.

Many homes built during this period had 2 to 3 stories, were not symmetrical, and had incredibly steep roofs. These types of homes often have roofing made from slate as well.

This roof stood out to us, because of the contrast between it and the soft, yellow color of the home. The white gutters outline the home, accenting that contrast in a fun way.

Victorian roofs also typically will have a chimney or two- since it was not uncommon to have a lot of fireplaces in the home.

6. Wintertime Cabin

wintertime cabin

The dark colors of this cabin and the stone chimney make it appear cozy outside in the snow- we bet that it is warm inside by the fire! The red accents surrounding the windows are a nice touch.

When it comes to houses in the northern areas, you need to be sure that you have a strong enough gutter system in place, so that it does not fail when you need it the most in the winter. Plus, in a home in a location like this, we recommend that you have a gutter guard to protect it from becoming clogged with debris.

We did really love the design of this home and its roofing. The roof is designed perfectly for the cold climate that it is in.

7. Beach House Roofing

beach house roofing

This beach house just screams “vacation”- the white and blue theme reminds us of the ocean. The unique slope of the roof up front works perfectly at creating a shady porch area for relaxing as well. Overall, this roof is quite beautiful and pleasant to look at.

If you had a home like this, you would probably want to avoid half-round gutters. The flatter, exaggerated slope would collect a lot of run off that would launch off at the end- making it a perfect contender for box gutters.


Did you enjoy all of the beautiful home roofs on this list? We hope that you were able to find some inspiration for your own projects at home.

No matter what kind of roof you have, Storm Master Gutters can install high-quality gutters for you. We have a huge selection of custom gutters that can be used to fit any design theme that you want.

If you are interested in our services, please reach out to us! Our team would love to help you.

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  1. Jesse Ford says:

    I agree that the asphalt shingles give a cozy look to a house. My roof got damaged the other day due to a storm that passed through. I’ll have to replace at least a good portion of it, so I think I’ll make sure that it gets asphalt shingles.

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