7 Reasons to Not Install a Gutter Yourself

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A DIY gutter project might sound like a good idea, at first. However, you may want to think twice before you attempt to install gutters on your home.

Any home improvement project should be tackled efficiently and with care, however, this can be difficult to do with gutters. Especially so if you are not familiar with them. There is a lot to consider and be aware of when setting up gutters- it is best left to professionals who know exactly how to go through the process.

Here are all the reasons why you should not install a gutter yourself.

1. You Might Get Hurt

Even if you are brave enough to climb the ladder, you might get hurt. Many people think it will not happen to them, but the truth is, anyone could receive an injury while repairing their gutters.

Fractures or concussions are commonly seen in those who fall from ladders– but more extreme cases such as paralysis or even death are also possible.

If the chance that you might get hurt is not enough to advise you away from fixing your gutters, the resulting medical bills might be. It will cost way more to buy all the parts for a DIY job and a hospital bill than it will to hire a gutter installer.

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2. Costs Add Up

It seems like you would be saving money by purchasing all of the supplies on your own- but this is hardly the case. Tally up the cost of gutters, clips, hangers, and downspouts- you will see what we mean right away.

Professional gutter installers can pay for these materials wholesale and can receive other discounts while doing so. They pay a lot less than you for the same amount of materials.

The gutter installation cost can be much less than buying everything yourself, depending on what you were looking for.

3. You can Easily Damage Materials

Gutters are not quite as sturdy and durable as they seem. This means that if you drop a ladder, or other solid tools on it, they will bend and become dented. If this happens, that renders that entire section useless, as it could leak or sag further down the road.

4. You will Not Get Seamless Options

Seamless gutters are usually produced by machines that can be brought right to your home. Without going through a company, you are eliminating the possibility of receiving seamless gutters.

Seams are the weakest part of a gutter system- they are the area that is most likely to crack, leak, or break off. By removing seams from your gutters, you are also removing the chance of these issues happening to you.

Overall, seamless gutters tend to look nicer and are way less likely to leak- causing less potential damage to the side of your home. You can only get this option through certified gutter contractors.

5. Gutter Pitching is Difficult

Gutter repair or installation is difficult, mostly due to what is known as the gutter pitch. This is what keeps the water flowing in a certain direction and it can be hard to tell if the gutter is lowering slightly. From the ground, most gutters appear parallel to the side of the house.

A gutter contractor is used to working with pitch and can easily achieve this, even if it is difficult for other individuals to achieve. They are used to working with this delicate system, so you do not have to stress yourself over it, if you hire a professional.

Storm Master is a trusted company that will provide you with quality services- you can be assured that that means a perfect gutter pitch as well.

6. Transporting Materials is Annoying

It can be hard to find a way to store and move all the materials needed for building your gutter system. If professionals are going to install gutters, they can transport all the needed materials and equipment with ease.

Even if you happen to own a large pick-up truck, the ten-foot gutter sections are unlikely to fit, unless you have a specialized extension on it. If you own a car, then you can forget about bringing the essential materials home with you.

7. Half Round Gutters Can Be Hard to Manage

A half-round gutter can be difficult to install on your own. A gutter contractor already has all the knowledge available on how to do this process. Many gutter systems today use half-round gutters, so you would likely need to research this if you planned to do it yourself.

If you are unsure of what a half-round gutter is, you may want to consider leaving your gutter install up to a professional. The process of joining a half-round gutter to the rest of the system can be difficult, especially for those new to gutter installations.

There is a steep learning curve with repairing gutters– you do not want to learn while on the job.

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There are the 7 main reasons why you should not attempt to install gutters yourself. The most important of these being that you might hurt yourself if you fall off of the ladder.

If that alone is not enough to dissuade you from going through with a DIY gutter install, then you should be aware that you could also wind up spending more money on materials by doing it yourself. It is also easier for you to damage those expensive materials. Plus, you might miss out on seamless gutter options.

If you want to install gutters, need a repair job, or even are looking for help with dealing with a clog- then you should contact a gutter contractor. They are there to help you every step of the way with these problems.

Storm Master Gutters is a great option if you notice any issues what so ever with your gutters. They can handle a variety of problems- plus, they also offer competitive pricing options. This company has wonderful customer service as well. You would not regret contacting them for your next gutter project.

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One thought on “7 Reasons to Not Install a Gutter Yourself”

  1. Alice Carroll says:

    You made a good point that handling gutter materials myself risks them being damaged because I am not a professional. I’m planning to get some gutters installed in my home because a recent rain made me realize how noisy the water gets if there is no system that makes it flow quietly down to the ground. I hope I can find a gutter company that can do the job without much noise because my neighbors like taking naps in the afternoon.

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