7 Reasons to Use Box Rain Gutters for Your Commercial Property

box rain gutters

There are a lot of good reasons to use box rain gutters on your commercial property- on top of they might be required in your area. If you are looking for new gutters on your commercial building keep reading to find out why box gutters are going to be your best choice.

1. Regulations

First of all, we need to mention the legal regulations. The gutters on your building are going to need to meet certain standards or you run the risk of fines or even finding yourself in some legal trouble- not good for business!

These regulations tell you what kind of gutters you need- they specify the size, type, and even where the downspout needs to go. It might be bothersome, but these regulations keep people nearby safe and dry. Plus, they save your building from water damage.

In short, be sure to look over the regulations in your area so that you can know what to expect. Plus, our commercial gutters are designed to have a straightforward and professional appearance, so we think you would love them whether they were mandatory or not!

2. Customization Options

With box rain gutters, we can customize them for you! If you are having trouble keeping a certain appearance or style on your commercial building, then our customizable options will be helpful.

We have a variety of styles when it comes to custom box gutters. You can choose from three sizes- the 6, 7, and 8-inch seamless styles. The size will be based on various factors such as how much water needs to be transported, the size of your roof, and if you have any steeply pitched areas.

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Our customization options are very affordable as well. That way you will not have to give up on having your dream gutters due to a low budget. Your commercial property will have a finished appearance and look sleeker than ever before after the installation is completed.

3. They are Larger than Standard Gutters

When it comes to commercial buildings, you are probably going to need to find large commercial gutters to match. The smaller sizes of gutters simply can not handle the amount of water that runs off these types of buildings.

To put in perspective how much water commercial gutters need to handle, you will need to find the average rainfall amount in your area. For example, if it was about 2 inches of rain an hour

Then you can expect about 57 gallons of water running off your roof- every minute. That is no small number at the end of the day.

Box rain gutters can carry much more water than the other styles of gutters. When you have larger roofs, then you need to be able to handle all of that water that runs off. Otherwise, your gutter system will undoubtedly start to overflow.

4. They Drain More Efficiently

When you try to put residential gutters on a commercial building, you can be sure that they are not going to perform their best. Large commercial gutters can handle draining and carrying a lot of water more efficiently than any small gutter system.

This is mainly because commercial buildings tend to have more flat areas on their roofs than residential ones, which have many slants. When you install gutters that are not designed for the needs of your building they are more likely to fail. If that were to happen you would be looking at possibly thousands of dollars worth of water damages.

5. Aluminum is a Quality Material

Our aluminum box gutters are sturdy, will not rust, and are seamless- all great benefits to any gutter system. Aluminum is a great material for transporting water, as it can stand up against erosion and leaks for many, many years.

We also can come to your commercial property to cut the aluminum gutters with our special truck-mounted equipment. This allows us to adjust the gutters to your building’s needs- before they have even been made! This feature works wonders at tailoring the system to the customer.

Finally, this material will last you, meaning that you do not need to worry about accidentally going against regulation when something bad happened to your gutter system. Our seamless gutters do not leak- there is no place for the water to escape like there is in seamed gutters.

6. They Can be Used With Leader Heads

When water collects and pools on your roof, you are going to need to take some extra measures to ensure that your rain system is up to code. Leader heads (or conductor heads) can be used alongside large commercial gutters to ensure that all the water is draining.

Leader heads work by transporting extra water from the roof into the downspouts directly. They are used to prevent water from running down the sides of your building and work perfectly on large buildings that are using box rain gutters.

7. Professional Styles

Another reason that business owners choose to use box rain gutters for their commercial buildings is that they have a very professional and sleek appearance. This is because of their straight edge- it outlines the building and gives it an appealing, modern style.

Box gutters can make a business “pop” and add a lot of style. We have a ton of colors for you to choose from and would love to help you find one that makes your business stand out from the competition!


Box rain gutters are designed for commercial properties. Because of that, everything about them is made to work perfectly on your building. If you want to affordably meet all the rain drainage system requirements in your area, then getting a quality set of box gutters is your best bet.

Our aluminum gutters are quality made and designed to your building’s specific needs. We also offer affordable services and products at Storm Master Gutters- so you can also be sure that we are not going to break your bank!

Contact us today for a free quote, we would enjoy hearing from you and answering your questions!

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Use Box Rain Gutters for Your Commercial Property”

  1. David Lotz says:

    Looking for 4 gutter box’s for each Roof Valley. Corner to Round drain pipe.

  2. Rick says:

    We have 8 office condominium bldgs in Charlotte 42 units total. We used to have gutters on our bldgs but they were removed when we did vinyl siding The board members are saying that gutters just clog and high maintenance so lets see of we can grade around the fronts of the bldgs.
    Can you tell me if your solution would be practical and not high maintenance ?? Thanks
    704-367-9931 work

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