Does Seamless Gutter Installation Have To Be Done By A Pro?

seamless gutters installation

One of the more popular choices for gutters these days tends to be seamless gutters. Many homeowners face plenty of challenges regarding their home improvement projects. Not to mention, they want to take preventative measures against certain issues like water damage.

This guide will discuss seamless gutter installation and whether it needs to be done professionally. We will go over the benefits of seamless gutter and what you’ll get out of them. If you are considering DIY installation, we will provide you with plenty of tips in this guide as well.

Let’s begin now with some in-depth information on gutter installation.

Benefits Of Professional Seamless Gutter Installation

Installing seamless gutters properly will be an important step in protecting your home against water damage. When it’s installed professionally, you’ll get plenty of excellent benefits. These include getting the best high-quality materials that will allow you to easily maintain your gutters. Furthermore, they will be easy to clean.

There are plenty of different shapes and sizes to choose from including seamless half-round gutters and seamless box gutters. If you are adamant about getting a specific material, a professional seamless gutter installation company will provide them for you.

For example, if copper seamless gutters are your thing, then you can choose them. They are known for their excellent durability and low maintenance. Plus, they will resist rust and corrosion. Even though they are the most expensive option, they are worth the money. So if you have a bit of cash to throw around, a professional seamless gutter installation company will get the job done for you.

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Also, when it’s professionally installed, you save money and time on repairs and replacements. A professional will know what they are doing because of the amount of experience they have. On top of that, they have the right amount of skill to install it with ease.

Cost Comparison Of Professional vs DIY Installation

When it comes to cost comparisons, it’s always important to take a look at professional installation compared to DIY. Of course, professional installation will be more expensive. You will spend  anywhere from $10 to $30 per linear foot. You may spend more depending on the materials and the size of the job among other factors. If you choose to go the DIY route, you can expect those costs to be reduced by at least half.

Another thing that will be factored in is labor costs. Obviously, this expense will apply if you decide to go down the professional route. Otherwise, you can forgo paying for it and do it yourself (or with someone who can help you).

Keep in mind that while DIY projects are fun and exciting, there are downsides. You may know how to seam gutters together, but it can be a time consuming process. Especially when you need to get the job done correctly, step-by-step.

A professional installer can do this in a shorter time period. The reason for this is that they have all the tools and equipment on hand. Plus, they have the know-how to complete the project both on time and on budget.

Plus, they will need to adhere to safety protocols that come with the job. This includes handling tools and materials while on a ladder. This can be risky if you are doing it yourself. You may risk serious injury due to improper use of tools, the latter, or handling materials. This means you may need assistance to complete the job. If this seems like a bit of a burden, your best option would be to have a professional installer come to your home and put a seamless gutter together for you.

Do-It Yourself Installation Tips

As promised, let’s give you DIY tips if you choose to install a seamless gutter this way. If you have the right tools and tips, you can get it done similar to what the professionals do. Let’s get started with the following:

1. Measure the length of your roofline

This will be useful for the amount of gutter materials needed. You want to also include the bends and curves that exist as it will affect the amount of material that is needed. Consider adding a few extra feet should you run into any measurement errors.

2. Prepare your tools and materials

Now, you’ll want to gather the proper materials. This includes gloves, safety glasses, and a ladder. Also, you’ll need gutter components including hangers, brackets, downspouts, elbows, end caps, and sealants among others.

Go over each spot where you need to attach a hanger and then use rivets or screws to secure them into place. Once this is done, you can install the gutter with the best accuracy possible. Be sure to practice the right safety protocols. If needed, you can enlist someone to help you out as a spotter when you are performing the project.

When To Call A Professional

If you need to call a professional, the option is there. This can be helpful if you are not familiar with the installation process or have no experience in gutter installation. Don’t feel bad if that’s the case.

A professional will know exactly what to do. All you need is to explain how you want the gutters done. They may perform measurements and other preparations before the install begins. They will also provide you with plenty of advice regarding your gutters, the type of materials that should be installed, and others.

Final Thoughts

A seamless gutter can be installed either by yourself or a pro. If you want to go with the latter option, more power to you. You’ll be able to have a gutter installed in your home in a quick and timely fashion. Plus, it can be done while on budget. If you believe that a professional can do a better job, be sure to find one with the experience and know-how to install a gutter. We hope this guide has been helpful in your home improvement journey.

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