How to Prevent Gutter Damage From Ice This Winter

gutter damage

Gutter damage can be some of the most costly repairs that have to be done after the winter season. Gutter repair often requires professional local gutter repair because the damage is so extensive. Gutter damage can range from minor cracks and leaks to burst downspouts and gutters that have entirely broken away from your home. Having a gutter that has broken away from your home carries the highest gutter repair cost, and it all happens because of a buildup of ice.

Ice can cause damage simply through the extra strain that it puts on the gutter with added weight, ice damming, or ice expansion. Though ice itself can’t be prevented, there are some easy ways to protect your gutters from the damage that can be caused by ice.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts Regularly

One of the simplest and easiest ways to protect your home from gutter damage caused by winter ice is to regularly clean the gutters. Leaves and other debris can entirely block drains, which gives the ice a place to form and expand. This can not only cause damage to your gutters but also to the rest of your house.

Cleaning your gutters is a simple repair that can save you a lot of money that you would have to spend on the gutter repair cost. All it takes is cleaning leaves and dirt out of your gutters so that the ice doesn’t have a place to form. Then making sure that your downspouts are not clogged and also have room to empty away from your house.

This very straight forward and cost-effective solution may save you a lot of money that it would take to repair your gutters in the case that they get damaged. Even if your gutters require more care and protection than this, keeping them clean and clear will still be an effective way to keep them working for longer and with fewer issues.

Provide More Structural Support for Your Gutters

Another easy way to help protect your gutters is to provide structural support for the gutters that will allow them to handle the extra weight from ice buildup and icicles. Though gutters are not specifically designed to carry this excess weight, a gutter contractor near you can install some supports that will make it less prone to breaking away from your house and doing damage to both the gutter and the siding of the house.

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Though reinforcing your gutter will be effective against the weight issue caused by ice, it still may not help against the expansion or ice damming that can occur. Structural support will only help to stabilize your gutters, and they may require more protection. Stabilizing them might be an effective measure to give that much more protection to your house and, along with it, peace of mind for you.

Seamless Gutters

In some cases, it may be helpful to select a different kind of gutter that will be less susceptible to ice and snow. Seamless gutters may be a good option for those who want to prevent gutter damage at the very start rather than having to invest in gutter protection later. Seamless gutters handle problems caused by ice and snow much better than other gutters might.

Even if you already have gutters installed, it may be helpful to hire a professional to install seamless gutters instead. The cost of installing seamless gutters will be much less than the gutter repair cost after the damage has already been done.

Adding Heating to Your Gutters

This is probably the most effective way to protect your gutters and avoid the large costs of having to replace them. Heating devices are perhaps the most effective way to protect your gutters from ice as they keep them from being able to form in the first place. Heating devices particularly keep ice dams from forming which are one of the biggest dangers to your gutters during the winter season.

The reality is that ice is dangerous for your house and can cause damage in a variety of different ways. The best way to keep this from happening is to take whatever necessary precautions that you need to. One of the best precautions you can take is to install heating devices that will keep the ice from forming in the first place. After all, ice can’t cause damage to your house or to your gutters if it doesn’t have a place to form!

Mix and Match!

Any one of these approaches may be effective for protecting your gutters from damage caused by ice and snow, but in some cases, it may be important to take multiple protective measures to protect your home during the winter season. Providing structural support for your gutters may not be enough. It may require heating devices to be installed to properly care for your gutters. Perhaps simply having a professional install your gutters in the first place and properly caring for them and cleaning them will be enough to keep them safe, and perhaps not!

Regardless of which one of these options you may choose, the important key is t take very good care of your gutters, pay attention to how bad the ice gets in the area where you live, and hire a professional to consult and take care of your gutter needs. Storm Master Gutters can help you to protect and take care of your gutters like they take care of your home.

The most important thing you can do for your house during the winter season is to make sure that your gutters are working effectively. That means picking the right gutters for your needs, hiring the best gutters installers, and looking into the best ways to protect your gutters, and ultimately your whole house, from the icy winters. If the worst has already happened and now you need your gutters to be repaired, hire the right people to do the gutter repair for you.

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