Gutter Roundup: The 6 Most Popular Types of Gutters

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Whether you are doing a DIY install or having a professional gutter system installment, you need to pick out the type of gutter material you want used. There are no right or wrong answers, but there are certain factors you should take into consideration when making your decision.

At Storm Master all our gutters are designed to prevent costly leaks or clogs and protect the beauty and value of your property. Hopefully our Gutter Roundup of the 6 most popular types of gutters will help.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum gutters have a lot of benefits. They come in a range of styles, sizes and colors and we make them on-site to your exact specifications using our truck mounted gutter machines. The three styles available are half-round, box and K style.

K style gutters can be used both on residential homes and commercial buildings. These gutters are wider at the top so it can collect water and strengthen the gutter. We offer seamless aluminum gutters which are designed to reduce the chance of leaks and clogs.

We offer the choice between industry standard 5 inch and 6 inch sizes as well as two thicknesses of aluminum gutter stock: medium weight .027 gauge and heavy weight .032 gauge. And to install we use the Hidden-Hanger with a screw-anchoring method instead of the older spike and ferrule method. This gives you a more finished look.

How do you know which size gutter to order, the 5 inch or 6 inch? Here is what you need to know.

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The K style 5 inch gutter is a standard size designed for average-sized homes. It comes in medium weight .027 and heavyweight .032 thickness. It has a collection opening of 4.25 inches and can hold up to 2.5 quarts of water per foot. It is typically used with 2” x 3” or 3” x 4” downspouts.

The K style inch gutter is designed for more mid-sized to larger homes and commercial buildings that have larger and more intricate roofs. It is available in heavy weight .032 thickness and has a collection opening that is 5.25 inches. It can hold about 4 quarts of water per foot. It is typically used with 3” x 4” or 4” x 5” downspouts.

If you were to choose a half round gutter which has a “U” shape, you will have less carrying capacity, but with water will be able to disperse faster because there is less friction. Their seamless design also means that they won’t leak.

Finally, aluminum box gutters are shaped like a box and are mostly used in industrial and semi-commercial applications. They can be tailored made for homes of any size too.

2. Copper

Copper gutters are perfect for homeowners who are restoring historical buildings. They not only look very stylish, they are high quality, strong and have great functionality. At Storm Master, our copper gutters come in a wide range of designs, sizes and finishes.

When properly installed and maintained, these copper gutters are likely to last up to 100 years a more, basically your lifetime. Not only are they very durable, but they will not corrode as fast as aluminum does. Copper tends to turn a beautiful green patina color over time. Copper gutters make the perfect complement to exterior wood, stone, or brick siding.

All of our copper gutters at Storm Master are roll-formed to have less seams and then installed and soldered in 20’ lengths for a leak free installation. This is an important distinction because most gutter installers will use putty to seal the seams. Soldering is really the only 100% effective way to ensure that your copper gutters are leak-free.

The copper gutters come in K-style, half-round and seamless half-round styles and sizes are the standard 5 inch and 6 inch, but they can be custom-sized too.

In addition, we offer two types of copper gutter finish: traditional copper or zinc-coated copper. If you prefer your copper gutters to maintain the consistent copper gutter throughout the lifetime of the gutters then the zinc-coating is a good choice.

3. Zinc Coated Copper

Zinc-coated copper gutters give you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get the sturdiness of copper, but you get the benefit of enjoying a consistent gray color throughout the lifetime of your gutters. Both sides of the gutters are coated in a patented-tin-zinc alloy. It is also safe for the environment.

4. Galvalume

Galvalume gutters have an outside coating of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc which is then applied to a steel substrate which gives the gutters added strength. These are a more affordable alternative to the zinc-coated copper gutters because they are half the price.

As a comparison, galvalume cutters have the strength of copper, but the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Basically, the coating shields the steel from moisture and contaminants while also providing protection at scratches and cut edges. Galvalume which was first manufactured in 1975 resists fingerprints and smudging because rollforming means there are no oils. Did you know that depending on the location of the gutter installation (how close it is to the ocean or industrial centers etc.), galvalume has almost nine times the longevity of galvanized steel?All copper gutters can withstand corrosive salt air which make them a good choice if you live by the ocean.

5. Seamless Half Round

Seamless half round gutters are not only stylish and sophisticated looking, but they are the best gutters for preventing leaks. Its seamless design blends into any style building both contemporary and traditional. They even look great on historic homes. They are also very durable and offer faster dispersion of rainwater.

These gutters are shaped like a half circle or a “U”. It can carry less water than K style or box gutters, but you won’t find that an issue with the faster water dispersion.

At Storm Master, our seamless half round gutters are molded and installed as one piece so you never have to worry about joint or solder points which are areas that sometimes leak. We make them on-site to your exact specifications on our truck mounted, roll forming machines.

Our seamless half round gutters come in a variety of designs, sizes, weights, color and finishes, including aluminum, galvalume, copper, and zinc-coated copper. And they are a perfect fit for any textured roof finish even slate, wood shake and tile. Did you know that seamless gutters can significantly reduce the potential for thousands of dollars of costly water damage to your home or business?

6. Custom

Are you looking for very unique gutters that none of your neighbors have? Don’t worry, we can custom build your gutters for you. We have years of experience in designing and installing gutter systems for homeowners, contractors, home builders and property managers. We have seen all kinds of situation and we can handle any challenge that pops up in the design or installation.

Again, we will use our truck mounted gutter machines to design and make your custom gutters to the exact specification of your property right there at your place. With our quality and precision, your new gutter system will last you a long time.

You may be thinking that custom of course means pricey, but not with us. We price competitively so you can get the gutter system you need at a price you can afford.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing New Gutters

There are also other things you need to consider when choosing new gutters, of course. Keep in mind that if you prefer seamless gutters, aluminum gutter system are the only type that currently offers a seamless option. Also keep in mind that K-shape gutters carry more water and are more structurally sound than the half-round shape.

Another big decision you will have to make is whether you will hire a professional company to install them for you or do it yourself. While making it a DIY project can save you money, if you do not feel safe on a ladder or are nervous in any way about the installation process, it is always best to hire a professional.

If you do decide to install them yourself, make sure you are buying the right size because if they are too big or too small, the rain water might not be able to properly drain away causing damage to your home.

If you have broken gutters, you can have them repaired or just install a new one, depending on the extent of the damage and your price point. Whatever you decide, don’t ignore broken gutters. It is important to realize that there is a lot more at risk here than just a few water leaks.

Broken gutters can lead to major leaks in your home and cracks in the foundation, walls, and even the chimney. Your siding will also start to rot and water damage will seep into windows and walls. This can get every expensive to fix.

Also expensive to fix is damage to your roof. Heavy rains and snow can cause a lot of problems and increases the risk for ice dams on the roof, especially when your broken gutters can’t work effectively. If you don’t correct the problem, you will need to completely replace your roof a lot sooner than you probably hoped. And many insurance policies won’t cover this type of damage.

At Storm Masters, we have been providing gutters and gutter services like gutter installation for over 40 years now and we guarantee affordable and reliable products and services always. We also provide gutter cleaning, gutter repair and protection services. We also all rain gutter types including seamless gutters, aluminum gutters, copper gutters, zinc coated copper gutters, galvalume gutters, seamless half round gutters and custom gutters.

To protect your gutters from damage and leaks, we offer a variety of products like the LeaFree, Leaf Relief and GutterRX. LeaFree keeps debris out, but allows the water to flow freely down to the ground. Leaf Relief by PlyGem adds extra support to your gutter system to reduce the normal wear and tear that occurs especially with bad weather. The GutterRX, on the other hand, completely encloses your gutters so no wildlife can get in. If the chore you hate the most is cleaning out the gutters, then these products can help reduce the amount of debris you will have to clean up.

Want to learn more about types of gutters and how we can help you protect your home from water damage, call us for a free estimate today.

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