5 Recent Cutting Edge Technologies in Roofing Every Contractor Should Know About


There has been a significant shift in the world of roofing. From shingles to work equipment to mobile developments, the roofing industry is emerging with new technology. These trends will improve customer retention, save you tons of time and money, keep you and your staff safe, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Here are five of the most recent trends that’ll have you and your team amazed and inspired.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Homeowners are becoming a lot more conscious of the state of the environment and what they are doing to contribute to its wellbeing. This makes the demand for roofing to be made with eco-friendly products a lot higher, and manufacturers are ready to supply.

New materials like reflective granules embedded in shingles allow for reduced air conditioning as the sun’s heat is reflected. Photovoltaics, a type of solar paneling, are also being used. These replace traditional building materials and allow roofing to withstand hazardous weather conditions as well.

By offering eco-friendly options to homeowners, you can increase your business and increase market potential compared to other contractors who don’t.

Innovative Commercial Roof Types

Not only are homeowners becoming more eco-friendly, so are commercial building owners. There is a rise of focusing on sustainable energy when It comes to building roofs. This is why it’s very common to have solar panels installed. Other types of roofs are being implemented, too that have this same effect.

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Cool roofs are light-colored roofs that keep heat out of buildings using their solar reflectance. Their materials absorb UV and Infrared lights and reflect them. Since they absorb more heat, they allow facilities to use a lot less energy resulting in less pollution and emissions. They are also relatively elastic so that they can expand as they absorb heat.

Green Roofs have the same purpose as cool roofs but carry it out in a different way. These roofs can be called “vegetated roofs” or “living roofs” because they contain vegetation and soil and have waterproof layers below them. These roofs look trendy and are pleasing to the eye. They are also eco-friendly and growing in popularity for commercial roofs.

Drones for Aerial Images

Drones have been incredibly popular among photographers and videographers for a few years now. Contractors have begun to find out just how useful a drone can be for them as well. Drones help roofing companies capture details of areas they couldn’t otherwise reach as easily. These photos are shown to homeowners so that they can understand how much work needs to be done.

The benefits of using a drone in your roof business are:

  • Less risk – You’ll spend less time on ladders, which can be dangerous even for professionals since the drone is doing the hard work for you.
  • Quicker estimate – Guiding a drone to the top of the roof and taking pictures takes less time than physically climbing on the roof, meaning you won’t have to keep the customer waiting too long.

Safety Innovations

GPS systems have been put in place to track employees. These are used to be able to warn them of any potential approaching hazards. They also track how efficiently workers are completing their projects. Doing this is a benefit to the customer since inefficient workers can be trained on how to work more quickly.

Some companies are also implementing sensors on the safety vests. These detect the heart rate and body temperature of the worker. Sometimes, as a roofing contractor, you can overheat and get sick. These sensors prevent that and alert you if you start overheating or if your heart rate is too fast.

Smart helmets are another piece of cutting-edge technology in roofing. They are wearable devices that provide so many useful functions. One of them being their ability to withstand dust and dirt with drop-down visors. They also alert the wearer of an elevated heartbeat. This alarm goes off when the helmet feels the worker is too tired to do their job safely.

Contractors are hard workers that sometimes don’t pay attention to certain bodily sensations, telling them they’re overheating or too tired. With these innovative tools, they’ll have a gentle reminder when necessary.

New Marketing Tools

CRM (customer relationship management) allows roofing companies to streamline the process of contacting customers and keeping all their data organized. Resources such as Smart Documents let contractors essentially bring their entire office to their client’s site. All of the necessary paperwork is right in your hands, and you can provide estimates and alterations in just a few minutes.

If you have a team of other contractors, it’s hard keeping track of leads, materials, and payments. Using an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software can help you with this. It combines every single system you use into one dashboard, giving you easier access and more control every step of the way.

Creating mobile apps has also been a useful new technology for roofing contractors. With mobile apps, the on-the-go contractor can access client information, scheduling information, sending contracts, building estimates, and anything else they’d usually have to carry a folder for. This decreases the need for paperwork, and with more companies becoming eco-friendly, this helps out dramatically.


Roofing trends are leaning more toward being eco-friendly now more than they ever have before. Old traditional styles of roofing, especially for commercial buildings, are becoming a thing of the past. As homeowners are caring more about the environment, manufacturers are listening to their concerns and coming out with incredible new products that suit their needs.

New technologies are incredibly worker-friendly. Working for long periods of time on top of the roof in the sun can have dire consequences on a workers’ health. Thanks to innovative solutions like safety sensors, roofing companies can make sure their employees are safe and well suited to do their job.

These trends make sure the environment is safe and protected as well as the contractors. The recent cutting edge technologies in roofing are moving every contractor and roofing company toward efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and curb appeal.

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