Differences Between Residential Gutters & Commercial Gutters

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Gutters are an essential part of any roofing system, whether the roof is on a commercial or residential building. The function of gutters is to channel water away from the foundation of the building safely and effectively. For houses, this usually means the water will drain into the yard or part of the landscape. However, for commercial spaces, the option of water draining into a space isn’t always an option due to construction. This is one of the main differences between gutters for residences and gutters for commercial buildings. When the gutters for homes or businesses aren’t working properly, gutter replacement is often necessary to protect the building and prevent expensive repairs.

Commercial and residential gutters are more alike than they are different. For both types of gutters, you have to select the style and material for efficient and stylish rain gutters.

Before you choose the right gutters for your home or business, here are a few important things you should know.

Basic Information About Gutters

When you’re selecting the ideal gutters for your business or home, you’ll have to make some crucial decision with the team installing your gutters. First, you have to choose the size of the gutters. Most gutters are five inches, while some larger models are six inches. The surface of your roof will also determine the correct gutter size for the building. Usually, you’ll need six-inch gutters for a commercial building.

You’ll also have to select the material for the gutters. Unless you have to adhere to municipality regulations for gutter materials, you can choose any type of gutter for your home or business.  If you’re considering gutter replacement, it may be best to choose a different material that what you’ve had before. There are a few common selections that will make this part of the process easier for you.

For instance, aluminum gutters are pretty common. Gutters made from aluminum are common for commercial and residential gutters since the material is cost-effective and there are lots of stylish colors to choose from. You can select the conventional silver color to coordinate with bold brick or wood siding colors on your building. Or, you can work with your gutter installation specialist to find a color that matches your company’s logo or pairs well with the neutral colors on your building’s exterior. Many people also choose aluminum gutters because they are cost-effective. If you’ve just opened your business or you need to make renovations while staying within your budget, aluminum may be the best choice for your gutters.

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Galvanized steel is also ideal for your residential and commercial gutters. These types of gutters are also affordable but are especially strong and will last for decades. You’ll need to work with your installation specialist to learn how to keep the gutters clean and prevent leaks and openings. However, you shouldn’t have any major issue with these gutters once they are installed correctly.

Vinyl gutters are a viable choice as well, but these types of gutters aren’t commonly used on commercial buildings. While vinyl gutters are still available, they are not as popular as they once were with homeowners either. This is largely because other materials like galvanized steel and copper gutters are stronger than those made of vinyl and last longer.

Copper gutters give a commercial or residential building a polished, modern look. Copper is the most expensive material for gutters, which means business owners don’t choose it often. Copper gutters can last for more than 100 years, and while business owners can benefit from not having to replace the gutters, they may not have the budget to install these types of gutters initially.

Gutter Shape

Once you know the material you want for your gutters, you’ll need to choose the shape of the gutters. K-style are the most common, along with box gutter and U-style. You can request any gutter shape for your building, but residential buildings often have K-style gutters while commercial buildings have box-style gutters in most cases.

When it comes to U-style gutters, copper is the most common material. U-style copper gutters are most often installed in homes. If you’re concerned about keeping the gutters clean, be sure to talk to your gutter specialist about rain gutter cover products and how the products will work with the size, shape and material of your gutter.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing Gutters

Whether you’re getting new gutters for your business or home, you’ll have to consider several factors. If you own a home, you should speak with your HOA and review the rules for architecture in your neighborhood before you choose to style, color and material for your gutters. If you’re selecting the gutters for a business, you need to know the local rules and regulation for the material and size of gutters for the commercial space before installation. Your gutter specialist should also be familiar with area regulations pertaining to water runoff before you receive your design plan and final estimate.

Deciding On the Plans For Your Gutter System

You’ll have several choices to make whether you’re thinking primarily about the style, function, color of material of your gutters. Of course, you’ll also have to take your budget into consideration. You and your gutter installation specialist should agree on these various elements, and you should get all the information you need on rain gutter covers that will work well with the type of gutters you’ve selected. Storm Master has several products that will keep your gutters safe for years to come. Be sure to ask about the warranties for gutter protection products so you can keep your commercial or residential building safe.

When you’re ready to have commercial gutters installed at your place of business or want to replace or repair the gutters for your home, Storm Master is here to help. Using your favorite search engine, you can search for ‘gutter services near me’ or ‘gutter installation near me’ to find the nearest Storm Master location. Your search will help you find customer reviews from our satisfied clients. We are fully licensed and insured, so we are committed to ensuring that your experience with Storm Master is a pleasant one.

When you reach out to our team members, you’ll get a reliable estimate. We’ll also answer any questions you have about repairing or installing your gutters. Once you make your appointment, we’ll come to your commercial or residential building and thoroughly evaluate the building and exterior area. This allows us to explain to you, in detail, how long the gutter installation process will take and the benefits of your new, high-quality gutters. For more information, visit www.stormmaster.com.

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