The Homeowners Guide To Gutters


Gutters are a huge part of keeping moisture away from your home, when taken care of properly. They keep you safe from flooding and the water damage expenses that come with it. This guide is meant to provide information on the best type of gutters and how you can protect your home with them.

Gutter Styles and Sizes

The style and size of your new gutter system should be tailored to the needs of your home. Otherwise, they might have trouble keeping up with the runoff water and fail someday. This means leaky, damaged gutters- something you do not want to happen.

These are the styles and where to use them:

Gutter Styles


These gutters are rounded at the bottom giving them a “U” shape and their name. These are most often found on homes built before the 60s, so you might be required to have them if you live in an older area.

We offer this style in many different colors and sizes, plus, they utilize a seamless design- meaning they will never leak on you. These aluminum gutters are efficient at transporting water and give your home a stylish outline.


Our half-round gutters are cut on location and made to the exact requirements of your house using our special equipment. This means that you will always get the perfect size for your home if you decide to have us install your gutters.

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However, our sizes for this style include 6, 7, and 8-inch options. Larger roofs will need the higher sizes, while smaller ones will use the lower sizes. This allows for water to be transported efficiently away from your home and into the ground- without overflowing.


This type of gutter is popular due to the outer design and its flat back. They can also carry more water than the half-round gutters, making them better if you live in an area that experiences heavier rainfalls.

Galvalume gutters are made from a steel substrate that is coated in 45% zinc and 55% aluminum, making them strong and able to resist rust for a long time. Many people choose to use this material for their K-style gutters as they are customizable and durable.


The K-style gutters come in 5 and 6-inch sizes. The 5-inch size is the standard and is made for most homes. This size is also capable of holding up to 2.5 quarts of water a foot and comes in three different types of thicknesses.

The 6-inch size is designed for larger than average homes or some commercial buildings. If your roof has a lot of steep slopes, then this is probably the best size for you. The 6-inch size only comes in the heavy thickness, but is capable of holding 4 quarts of water a foot.

This means that if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, you will probably want the 6-inch size over the 5 inch.

Box Style

Box gutters are great for transporting a lot of water, because of this they are perfect for buildings with flat roofs. Our box gutters can be customized to your home and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

This style of gutter is often seen on commercial buildings, however, they are being used more often on residential buildings due to their affordable price and made to order elements. No matter what the aesthetic of your home is, we can match it with our gutters.


The box gutters come in three different sizes- 6, 7, and 8 inches. The 6-inch size would be suited to your home, as this style is meant to transport a lot of water on its own. The larger sizes are better for bigger homes, or homes with steep pitches, and the 8-inch size is best for commercial buildings.

Gutter Repair

Once you have your gutters installed, you are going to want to be sure that you keep them in working condition. This means that you are going to want to get them unclogged, cleaned, and repaired every so often.

If you are unsure about climbing a ladder to do this yourself, you should know that we would happily take care of any gutter issues for you. This keeps you safe on the ground, but still gets your water drainage system fixed.

We recommend having your gutters cleaned at least 2 or 3 times a year. This keeps them from filling with debris that can lead to other problems such as water damage caused by overflow. (Which can cost you thousands of dollars.)

You will want to check your gutter system often if you live in an area that experiences frequent and heavy storms. Gutters can become dislodged, meaning that they can no longer do their job correctly. When in a weakened state, they are more likely to leak or fall off your house.

We Offer Touch-Ups

If you think your gutter system needs some quick repairs, remember that we do offer touch-ups. You can always contact us for your free quote to find out what we can do to help you.

Plus, our team is there to ensure that your gutters have the longest life they possibly can. We offer regular maintenance and will maintain your gutters over their entire lifespan. Do not be afraid to contact us if something goes wrong with your system.


At Storm Master Gutters, we have a lot of different options for you to choose from. Our three main styles are the half-round, and K-style, box gutters. All of these can be seamless and customized to your taste.

We also have many sizes and thicknesses of systems to choose from. If you live in a drier area or have a smaller roof, we have sizes that will work well for you. And if you happen to live in a rainy area with a huge, slanted roof over your head- we have sizes to handle that too.

Contact us today for your free quote! We would love to answer your questions.

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