4 Things to Avoid When Hiring Gutter Contractors

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Having high-quality, properly working gutters is a vital part of your property whether it’s a home or a business. Gutters collect and redirect water to prevent it from damaging your roof and the structure underneath. Poorly working gutters can lead to extensive damage in a short amount of time without the need for much precipitation.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you hire the right gutter contractor that will do the job correctly and keep your property protected. You don’t just want to search for the best price around when it comes to gutters, as poor execution when installing rain gutters will end up costing you a lot more in the future! Finding the right gutter contractor may take some time, but here are some of the things to avoid when you’re looking.

Hiring a Company Without Checking Out Their Credentials

When you go to hire a gutter installation company, you want to make sure that they have the right credentials to get the job done right and that you are protected if anything goes wrong. Two of the main things you’ll want to make sure the company has is insurance and a current license. Requirements to be licensed to install gutters varies from state to state, but every state does require a company to be licensed. So no matter where you live, if you are looking for gutters in NJ, gutters in PA, or gutters in DE, the company that you hire should be licensed in that state.

You’ll also want to be sure that the company has sufficient insurance in place just in case something happens while they are doing the work. The company’s liability insurance will cover the cost if any inadvertent damages occur to your property due to the company working on it. Also, they should have worker’s compensation insurance to cover any injuries sustained while working on your property.

Hiring a company without checking into their credentials could leave you with a poor-quality product from an unlicensed company or cost you extra money if they don’t have insurance and something happens on the job.

Not Asking Enough Questions

When you’re looking for gutter contractors do redo the gutter system on your home or business, you should feel free to ask as many questions as you want to and the prospective contractor will be happy to explain everything for you. There are a lot of different types of gutters and it’s good to ask the contractor questions so you know exactly what the plan is. Some of the questions you may ask the gutter contractor include:

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  • What size gutters do you install?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How could you improve my gutters to make the system drain more efficiently?
  • How far away do you place the gutter hangers?
  • What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer?

Asking the right questions will allow you to better understand exactly what’s going on and help you hire the best gutter company near you.

Hiring a Family Friend for a Low Price

Anytime you’re looking to get work done, it always seems that someone in your family has a friend who can do that for you on the side for a great price. In many cases depending on what the job is, it might be worth it to take them up on that offer. When it comes to installing gutters, you want to hire professionals to get the job done right.

A professional will be able to walk you through the types of gutters you need that are the best choice for your property. They’ll be able to tell you the required maintenance, how long they should last, the warranty of their product/labor and more. These are all important qualities that only come with hiring professionals to do the job.

On the other hand, chances are the family friend will hang the generic gutters he finds at the local hardware store and that’ll be that. They might work for a brief time, but you don’t want to have to deal with the fallout if something goes wrong and you have no warranty or guarantee like you would from a professional company.

Not Reading Reviews From Previous Customers

Just like any time you are looking to find a reputable business to do a job for you, checking the reviews is one of the best ways to get an idea of what that company is really like. While checking out a gutter company’s website is certainly a great start, their own website will be sure to highlight all the positive things about their business to draw in customers and find more clients.

Checking out reviews from previous customers will give you the insight of someone who has been in your shoes before and has already dealt with that company. You might hear things about the company that could sway you away such as the gutters not looking good after installation, or a leak formed soon after the job was complete.

You might also hear more great things about the company like they went over and beyond to make sure you understood what they were doing, or they were incredibly precise in making sure the custom pieces were cut perfectly and everything looks great. These types of reviews will lead you to be more likely to hire that company.

Hiring the Right Gutter Contractor Goes a Long Way

A good way to start off finding a reputable gutter contractor is just to Google search for “gutter contractors near me” and then starting reading the Google reviews and narrow it down that way. Once you have it down to a shortlist of the best candidates, be sure you get a couple of quotes and ask all the right questions so that you can be confident the job will be done right and the gutters will perform better than ever.

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  1. Patty Marshall says:

    I need 7 inch or larger seamless gutters. The ones on my house that were installed specifically for my roof. Steep tile were never adequate. It is very difficult to find anyone who will install these gutters. The company that installed the 6 inch gutters only has a 90 day warranty. I called them within the timeframe. They came out and said they were fixed and they weren’t so I’ve had a lot of water damage. What are 7 inch commercial gutters, steel. do you have rounds carry as much water as case tell Gutters 7 inch only comes in a case dial steel

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