4 Ways to Prevent Home Water Damage From Spring Showers

home water damage

Spring showers bring flowers. Unfortunately, the spring showers that help make your backyard look beautiful can also cause home water damage. Fixing water damage can be costly but preventing it can be as simple as following a few steps.

As with any change in the season, you should be prepared to welcome spring and get your home ready. Checking on some aspects of your home can help you prepare for the changes that spring brings. Gutter installation can help you prevent water damage from spring showers for years to come.

Check on Gutters and Downspouts

As the snow melts, you will want to check on your home gutters and downspouts. You will want to look for dirt, debris, leaves, sticks, and other items blocking your drain sprouts. During the winter, these items can build up in your gutters and cause problems. 

These blockages can keep spring rain from flowing off your roof and away from your home. When rain builds up on your home, it can cause water damage. Even a light spring shower can contribute to water damage if there is a lot of buildup in your gutters and drain sprouts.

One of the first steps to prevent water damage is to check and clean out your gutters as the snow melts. This will prevent rain from getting trapped and creating a leaky roof. Adding an addition to the drain sprout will also ensure that water is moved away from your home.

Keeping up with regular home maintenance as the season’s change will prevent long-term damage to your home. A little bit of water can cause a lot of damage when it has nowhere to go. Checking on how well your draining system is working will also help you know when your current system needs an upgrade.   

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Update Aluminum Gutters

All aspects of the home will need to be checked on for upgrades, your gutters are no exception. Gutters can wear down and begin leaking that can cause home water damage. New gutters can not only help you prevent water damage but can also help increase your home’s curb appeal. Solve two problems with new gutters.

New gutters will move rainwater from spring showers away from your home. Their thickness and size can be adjusted to best suit your home and prevent water damage. New gutters will prevent clogs and buildup to ensure that rainwater keeps moving through the drain.   

Aluminum gutters can come in different styles so you can get the gutters that work best for your home. You can choose from one of three styles, K-style, seamless half-round, and box gutters, to get the right kind of gutters for your home. Gutters can be further customized by choosing from one of twenty colors.

Since the gutters are made specifically for your home on-site, they will last for thirty years. Our gutter company will ensure that you can enjoy your home without water damage for several years.

Install Copper Gutters

For homeowners that want something special to their home, copper gutters can provide a high-quality drain system from spring showers while helping your home stand out. Made with durable copper, they will keep your home free from water damage for several years.

Copper gutters add a sophisticated and timeless quality to any home with brick, stone, or wood siding. It lasts longer than aluminum and will keep your home protected. They come in different cuts and styles so you can have your home in your chosen style. Seamless half-round copper gutters have a leak-free installation to keep your home dry for years.

If you want copper gutters on a budget, you can install half-round aluminum gutters in musket brown. They will help boost the overall look of your home without breaking your budget. We will work with you to help you get the home look you want while keeping your home dry.

With their durable material, copper gutters are a great choice for coastal areas to prevent corrosion with salt air. Though it can be an expensive choice, it can help prevent water damage in your home for years. Copper gutters can last a lifetime to prevent you from having to worry about how to care for your home.

Professional Inspections

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for new gutters, an inspection from a gutter company will help you determine if your home is adequately protected from water home damage. A small problem can create big problems. You can prevent that from occurring by thinking ahead. 

One of our professionals is trained to find where these problems develop. Whether you need new gutters or your gutters cleaned or repaired, we can help you keep your gutters functional for years. We also give you tips on how to keep your gutters leak-free.

Gutters can also need protection and professional services will keep your gutters fully functional. Protection will prevent leaves, sticks, and other debris from building up in your gutters, you can extend the life of your gutters. When debris builds up it can create long-term damage that can cause water damage.

A professional can also clean your gutters to ensure that build-up is removed effectively. This can extend the life of your gutters while keeping your home safe from water damage. 

An inspection in the spring can catch these problems before they develop. A little bit of spring rain can cause numerous problems for homeowners and knowing how to solve those problems will help you all year. 


Having well-maintained gutters will help prevent home water damage in all seasons, including from spring showers. A professional inspection can help you navigate new gutters, aluminum, or copper while keeping your gutters clean. Prevent a little bit of water from causing a lot of damage.

When you’re looking for a gutter company near me, we encourage you to call our team. We will help you determine what is the best solution for your gutters and home. We can help you with all of your gutter questions.      

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