How Weather and Geography Affect Gutter Replacement in NJ

Gutter Replacement NJ

Surprisingly, weather and geography can have a major effect on how often you need to replace your gutters. If you live on the coast of New Jersey, for example, the salt and moisture from the ocean air can cause irreparable damage to both your roof and gutter system over time. This is not a factor many people consider, which often leads to panicked Google searches like “roofers near me” or “gutter replacement near me.”

If you do find yourself in this situation, there is no need to panic. Storm Master Gutters has got your back when it comes to gutter replacement in NJ, as well as all of your other gutter-related needs. We even offer free consultations! Stick around for more information on how weather and geography affect gutter replacement in NJ. We will also go over some tips and tricks on how to maintain your gutters in New Jersey, even through the gnarliest of weather conditions.

New Jersey Weather Conditions

Like most states on the east coast, New Jersey’s weather conditions are quite versatile. The weather ranges from it being hot and humid in the summers to cold and snowy in the winters. The high levels of humidity during the summers can cause your gutters to become clogged because the water that has collected in the gutter system is not able to dry out as it should. This can cause leaks and damage to your gutters, as well as affect the internal temperature of your home.

For those cold New Jersey winters, you’ll want to make sure you have a gutter system that can handle snow efficiently. Snow can build up in your gutters, causing clogs and other issues. Heavy snow can actually cause your gutters to sag and pull away from the house. This is more likely to happen if your gutter system is very old, so in this case, it would probably be wise to replace your gutters anyway.

Another thing to take into consideration is the rainfall intensity in the New Jersey area. Thankfully, it doesn’t rain a crazy amount in NJ, so your gutters won’t have to work as hard as they would if you lived in, say, Seattle, WA. Storms do happen though, and heavy rain can overwhelm your gutters, especially if you don’t have a long enough gutter downspout. This can cause leaks or cracks to appear in your gutters, which can lead to the sidings of your house getting water damaged.

How Geography Affects Gutters in New Jersey

New Jersey is located near the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean, so naturally, there is a lot of moisture in the air. The salt and humidity in the air can wear on your gutters over time, as well as cause build-up that can lead to irritating clogs. Because of these humidity-caused clogs, gutters in NJ are susceptible to rust, which in turn causes your gutters to break down faster. This happens because due to the clogs, water pools inside the gutters and is unable to properly drain.

Free Estimate

You might be wondering what exactly you are supposed to do about all of this. You can’t control the geography or the weather! However, you can easily replace your gutters with the help of the gutter professionals over at Storm Master Gutters. We are happy to discuss any questions you might have about gutter replacement in NJ as well as go over what the best options are in terms of gutter replacement.

How Often Should You Replace Your Gutters?

With proper maintenance, gutters can last as long as 20 years! They are generally quite durable and are designed to last for a long time. Of course, this doesn’t account for rough storms that can cause your gutters to sag or rip away from your house. It’s also pretty common for homeowners to slack a little on their gutter maintenance. Admittedly, it feels like an insurmountable task, and it can be dangerous for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Again, Storm Master Gutters is happy to help out with this!

Generally, it is a good idea to replace your gutters if you notice things like cracks, sagging, or standing water in your gutter system. If you notice things like mold and water damage on the sidings of your house, that is also a good sign that your gutters need replacing. Remember, you don’t have to replace the entire gutter system every time. You can always just replace the problematic sections.

Gutter Maintenance

As the years go by, your gutters tend to fill up with Autumn leaves, small tree branches, and other kinds of debris. This is definitely something to be aware of, especially if you live in an area that has a lot of trees. This debris can cause clogs, which affect the flow of water and puts your gutters in danger of collecting dust. Properly cleaning out your gutters involves getting on a ladder and using a gutter trowel to scoop the debris out of the gutters. From there, you’ll want to hose out the gutters in order to test the water flow.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning out your gutters (it can be a little precarious), Storm Master Gutters is happy to help. Other routine gutter maintenance involves regularly inspecting your gutter downspouts for clogs, checking your gutters every few months for cracks and leaks, and installing gutter guards and gutter downspout extensions if you feel it’s necessary. Just be aware of the condition of your gutters, and contact Storm Master Gutters if you have any concerns.

Final Thoughts

Gutters in NJ certainly work hard due to the humidity in the air and the heavy snowfall during the winter months. When it comes to gutter replacement in NJ, Storm Master Gutters has got your back! Remember to clean out your gutters regularly, as well as inspect them for damage from time to time. As long as you are being hypervigilant when it comes to taking care of your gutters, you should be just fine! We wish you luck and hope you will consider us for all of your gutter-related needs.

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