Why Use Oversized Gutters?

oversized gutters

You would think that oversized gutters would be a bad idea but it is really the opposite. When it comes to gutters, size matters, and bigger is almost always better.

Oversized gutters are popular on commercial properties and can give them better protection and functionality especially in the wetter and colder months of the year.

For this article, you will find out if it is absolutely necessary to get large gutters on your home, what sizes are the best for different kinds of roofs, and the general benefits of oversized gutters as a whole.

Are Oversized Gutters Completely Necessary?

Let’s begin by saying not all gutters are made the same way. Gutters are made from all kinds of different materials and span many different gutter sizing and lengths as well. Not all homes and roofs are the same, so not all gutters will be the same.

However, some insurance companies will require you to upgrade your home’s gutter system, so if this is the case, it actually is necessary to install oversized gutters.

Larger gutters are usually a good upgrade but they are only really necessary if your house calls for it. You will have to think about what gutter system gives your home better protection for its ceilings, roof, foundation, and walls during the times of year that can be rough on your gutters.

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It is a task that not many people want to do, but it can save a ton of headaches in the future. Faulty or undersized gutters can lead to water damage over time that will call for some expensive repairs that can be easily avoided by simply getting the right gutters installed.

What Size Gutters Should I Install?

The right size gutter depends on a few things around your house and sometimes even an inch can make a big difference. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when picking out the right gutter size:

  • Type of roof
  • Pitch of roof
  • How close trees are
  • Location of the building
  • Weather and climate

There are other factors that can play into this as well but these should all be considered when thinking about getting oversized gutters.

Normally, five-inch gutters are the standard size for residential homes but six, seven, and eight-inch commercial gutters can be used for larger buildings like apartment complexes and office buildings.

Kinds of Roofs That Can Benefit Using Oversized Gutters

The size and type of a building’s roof will influence the necessary gutter size greatly. The pitch of a roof is arguably the most important factor to consider when looking to upgrade your gutter size.

Rainwater will run off quicker from roofs with steeper pitches. Roofs like the “open gabled roof” will need an oversized gutter much more than a flatter roof.

Other roofs that have valleys can collect a bigger amount of water which results in the runoff moving at higher speeds and the gutters will have to be able to withstand this extra force without breaking or overflowing.

When it comes to metal and asphalt roofs, water tends to run off faster so it is recommended these types of roofs use oversized gutters as well.

Keep in mind that, just because your roof is not like any of these roofs mentioned you can still benefit from using oversized gutters. A quick search of “rain gutters near me” can get you in the right places to look for one for yourself.

The Benefits of Using Oversized Gutters

Recently, many commercial building owners and even regular homeowners have been opting for large gutters. Of course, we can see why people have begun to see the upgrade as a pretty worthwhile one because of the points listed below:

  • Drainage is More Efficient

Six-inch and larger gutters simply have that much more capacity to drain water than a five-inch gutter in a smaller time.

If they are put in with an oversized downspout as well, water will run off quicker with less risk of overflow or flooding. Oversized downspouts will also filter debris going through it from your gutters easier.

Despite this, remember that your gutters should still be regularly cleaned or protected using gutter guards so there is no standing water for bugs to stick around or it gets clogged.

  • Better Water Damage Protection

Gutters are essentially made to prevent your home from getting excessive water damage. Oversized gutters upgrade that protection level because they can easily get more water off your roof and in a shorter time period at that.

Let’s say that your gutter is longer than 40 feet and uses only a single downspout, a six-inch gutter will give you better protection and save you money in the long run by being able to handle rainstorms and debris that much easier than a standard-sized gutter.

  • Easier to Work With Complex Gutter Systems

Some homes or buildings designs will need a more complex gutter system to ensure water gets away safely. Sometimes, the roof size will also need a strange gutter layout which can handle lots of water at once.

These gutter systems can sometimes have two rows, with gutters on its second story that drain into its first story gutters, then into the downspout. In this case, oversized gutters will give you much better drainage.

Perhaps the gutters on the second story could be regular sized while the gutters on the first will be oversized to handle the higher speed of the water barreling down from higher up the building.

The Wrap-Up

Oversized gutters are largely beneficial to just about any home or building you can install them in. Sometimes, it is impossible to put them in or you only have room to put in a six-inch rather than an eight-inch.

Either way, if you can, it can save you some money in the long run and is sometimes even required by insurance companies.

However, keep in mind that it is not always necessary to put in oversized gutters and you can usually get away with the standard five-inch gutters. It is an easy fix though, and a very good idea to use larger gutters for your home.

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