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Are you looking for gutter installation in PA? You will want to know exactly what kind of gutters suit your climate the best- before you invest in a brand new gutter system.

Gutters come in many different styles and can be made out of different materials. Each kind has its own benefits, which have more to offer in different environments.

But, what are the best gutters in PA? Storm Master Gutters is here to let you know what type will those who live in Pennsylvania the best.

Pennsylvania Weather

When it comes to weather in PA, you are going to experience everything. The summertime can be humid and hot, but winter can bring intense snow. Gutters in PA need to be able to handle both extremes.

When it comes to the best gutters, they need to be able to handle the large amounts of snow and rain that come during the cold months. This means that large gutters are typically a better option than thin ones.

Best Materials

Because of the amount of water, your new gutter system will need to manage, you will want them to be made from a strong material. Aluminum, zinc, and steel gutters are the best option here.

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Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are popular in Pennsylvania for their durability and strength when it comes to the harsher winter time. They need to be able to hold a lot of snow and ice without falling or leaning.

Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters are made from a mixture of titanium and copper. This results in a strong material that can move a lot of water without taking any damage. Zinc lasts quite a long time in a gutter system and requires very little maintenance.

Steel Gutters

This is another durable metal that is also super resistant to rusting. It can be more expensive but has more benefits than the other materials. It is less likely to dent or be damaged in other ways.

When searching “gutter contractors near me”, be sure that they have one of these durable materials to offer you. If you live in Pennsylvania, you will want a gutter system that can hold its own against unpredictable weather conditions.

Gutter Styles

When it comes to gutter styles, you will want something that can move a lot of runoff fast. Water can accumulate quickly, so the system should be able to deposit the water safely before it overflows.

We recommend going with larger gutters when it comes to a residential building. 6” gutters might be a little too narrow come wintertime, so try to go with a 7” if you can.

The following are the gutter styles that work best in Pennsylvania:

Box Style Gutters

Due to the many historical homes in the state, you might not be allowed to install anything other than a box gutter. Luckily, these types of gutters are designed to transport large amounts of water away from your home.

They are designed to move more runoff than other gutters of the same size. For instance, a 7” box gutter is going to be able to manage more water than a 7” K-style gutter.

Come winter and snow, a proper gutter installation in PA can mean a lot. If you want to avoid ice damaging your property this year, adding sturdy box gutters might be your answer.

Half-Round Gutter

Another possible option is a half-round gutter. Although it can not transport as much water as a box gutter, it will be able to move a lot of snow through the system.

The best gutters in this style are designed to allow snow to pass through the center of the gutter, where it can then be flushed through the downspout. This is great for any home that struggles with clogged winter gutters in PA.

However, before you make any final decisions, be sure that you know the guidelines for your specific area. Pennsylvania contains many period and historic homes, meaning that you might be required to have box gutters instead.

Seamless Gutters

Keeping that in mind, you are going to want to go with seamless gutters in PA. Seamless gutters have more benefits when it comes to lifespan and durability. They will not have any small gaps to leak from and will not be able to bend at the seams.

When it comes to the weather in PA, seamless gutters are going to be better for you than sectioned gutters. They are better able to hold up the weight of snow and ice while transporting water safely.

Overall, these are the best types of gutters in PA. No matter what else you choose, you will want to consider a seamless option, if possible.

So, What’s Best?

In short, you will want to pick a sturdy material that fits into your budget. When it comes to gutters in PA, aluminum is the most popular option. Aside from the material, box and half-round gutters work the best. However, you may only have the choice of box style gutters if you live in an older neighborhood.

Storm Master Gutters has a special tool mounted on a truck that we bring to your home to cut the gutters right on site. We make getting seamless gutters easy for anyone.

Finally, seamless gutters are the best gutters. They can not leak and have so many more benefits. If you live in PA where the weather can be unpredictable sometimes, then strong, seamless gutters are your best choice.


If you are still unsure of the gutters you want, be sure to get in touch with our team at Storm Master Gutters. We are very experienced and skilled in gutter installation in PA, so we are certain that we could find something that met the needs of your home.

The best gutters in PA protect your home from rain damage and can hold up large amounts of snow and ice. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or are interested in getting a free consultation.

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