Top 8 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Gutter Company

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So you have decided that DIY gutters is just not for you and now you are ready to hire a gutter company to help better maintain your home. The big decision now is to find the right company. You want someone you can trust and who will do a great job at an affordable price.

Here are top 8 qualities to look for when hiring a gutter company.

1. Trustworthy

Trust is important in any relationship, including the one you have with the gutter company you hire. You want to be confident that they are always being honest with you about the quality of work they are going to provide and the timeline and cost of everything. If there are delays or unexpected complications, you want a company who will communicate clearly and honestly about any changes to the original plans.

2. Reliable

Another essential quality to look for in a gutter company is reliability. Do they show up when they say they are going to? Do they stick to the deadline they gave you on when they will get the work done? If a company is not reliable, working with them will be such an unnecessarily stressful situation.

3. Affordable

In today’s economy, we are all watching our pennies carefully so we want to make sure we get enough bang for our buck with everything we purchase or invest in, right? Always check out the pricing for a company before making any final decisions. You want a company who understands your needs and will always offer you the most affordable prices possible.

4. Quality Workmanship

Of course cheaper prices doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper quality. For those affordable prices you still want high quality of products like aluminum gutters and copper gutters and services. Always choose a gutter company that is committed to high quality workmanship with the types of gutters they provide and their gutter installation. How can you be sure of this?  Ask for references as well as photos of jobs they have completed.

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5. Reputable

A company’s reputation can say a lot about them. When you mention a company’s name among your friends and colleagues, what is their reaction? Have they never heard of them? Heard only good or bad things? While reputation, of course, is not everything, you will feel more confident hiring a company when you know other customers have had good experiences with them.

6. Established

While there is certainly nothing wrong with working with a company that is relatively new, you are still taking a chance on them. Going with an established company who has years of experience in their field and in the community under their belt just makes better sense. There is less risk of mistakes and problems when you choose a more established gutter company.

7. Local

When it comes to gutter work, no matter how good a company might be, you don’t want them to have to travel long hours or miles to get to you. This most likely will be incorporated into the cost and not only that, but their long commute could cause delays in getting the work done. It is always better to put money back into your own local community any way, right?

8. Truly Care about Customers

How do you really know how a company feels about their customers? A good indicator is whether or not they have a customer rewards program that includes installation discounts and rewards for referrals. This shows that they want to express their appreciation for your loyalty and to help you reduce costs as much as possible.

Interested in hiring a gutter company? At Storm Masters, we have been providing gutters and gutter services for over 40 years now and we guarantee affordable and reliable products and services. If you have custom gutter projects also, we can also help with that. We specialize in seamless half-round gutters. We have designed and installed custom gutter systems for all types of properties from apartment buildings and single family homes to commercial properties. We also provide gutter cleaning, repair and protection services.

To protect your gutters from damage and leaks, we offer a variety of products like the LeaFree, Leaf Relief and GutterRX. LeaFree keeps debris out, but allows the water to flow freely down to the ground. Leaf Relief by PlyGem adds extra support to your gutter system to reduce the normal wear and tear that occurs especially with bad weather. The GutterRX, on the other hand, completely encloses your gutters so no wildlife can get in. If the chore you hate the most is cleaning out the gutters, then these products can help reduce the amount of debris you will have to clean up. Also ask about our Customer Rewards program.

Want to learn more about how we can help you protect your home from water damage? Call us for a free estimate today. We have locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Don’t wait until you start noticing water damage which can be very expensive to repair to do something about your old or damaged gutters. Be proactive and take care of any problems now before things get worse.

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  1. Megan Alder says:

    My husband and I are looking for advice to be able to choose the right gutter repair company. I love that you talked about the importance of making sure that we hire a trustworthy and reliable company. We will definitely follow your advice to ensure that we make the best decision when hiring a residential gutter repair company.

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