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gutter repair

8 Reasons Spring is the Best Time for Gutter Repair

Through the blustery and cold seasons of fall and winter, our home’s exterior takes a lot of damage. Ice expanding in the sidings and trim, bugs and birds settling into the warm crannies, and the winds pushing the walls to the max can leave your home wanting for warmer weather. As that weather comes, the…

half round gutters

Gutter Showdown: Half Round Gutters Vs. Box Gutters

Gutters are an important part of your home’s ability to push rain and precipitation away from the edges of the foundation and roofline. As part of our gutter showdown, this article will discuss the differences between box gutters and half round gutters and you should pick one over the other. If you are deciding which kind…

rain gutters and downspouts

10 Little Known Facts about Gutters and Downspouts

1. Ever wonder how much rain is falling? Here is some perspective! Two inches of rain in a day can send over 1,000 gallons of water down from your rooftops into your gutters. Most household bathtubs hold around 42 gallons – that’s a lot of water during a major rainstorm, and that’s just one house!…

yard flooding

3 Ways to Prevent Yard Flooding

You leave the house after a night of hearing a hard rain on your roof to find that the edges of your yard have big puddles on the edges of your place. Thankfully, this is mostly fixable and you can have water go to the right places. Storm Master is here with some suggestions on…

undersized gutters

Do I Have Undersized Gutters?

Many tools and appliances for your house need to be the right size to serve their purpose correctly. Gutters and your home’s exterior water removal system is amongst possible issues that can gradually lead to other issues with your yard, erosion, and home. We will discuss how to know if you have undersized gutters and…

copper gutters

Gutter Showdown: Aluminum Gutters Vs. Copper Gutters

When looking at buying gutters for your home, it can sometimes be hard to choose between the different types of gutters. Even the types of material can be difficult to differentiate between. When it comes to gutters, it is important to have the types of gutters that best suit your needs and will provide the…

protect your home from winter

4 Ways to Protect Your Home From Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for homes with all of the rain battering your home, snow building up on your roof, or ice forming all-around your house. Water will find any weak spot in your house that it can leak through, leak into your house, and can cause quite a bit of damage in…

gutter damage

How to Prevent Gutter Damage From Ice This Winter

Gutter damage can be some of the most costly repairs that have to be done after the winter season. Gutter repair often requires professional local gutter repair because the damage is so extensive. Gutter damage can range from minor cracks and leaks to burst downspouts and gutters that have entirely broken away from your home….

ice damming

6 Ways Ice Can Damage Your Home

One of the biggest seasonal threats to your home is the ice that comes with the winter season. Ice tends to form during the coldest parts of the season, particularly after a heavy snowfall that leaves snowmelt on the roof of your house. The most common thing that you see during this is icicles forming…

kick-out flashing

Why Kick-Out Flashing Is Crucial to Preventing Water Damage

One of the most important, yet under-used ways to prevent water damage to a home’s roof and interior is kick-out flashing. It’s an absolutely necessary part of a complete roofing install or repair project. Not sure what kick-out flashing is. Here’s a short primer on kick-out flashing, what it does. the water damage it prevents,…

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