A Full Comparison of Zinc vs Copper Gutters

zinc vs copper gutters

If you’ve been sitting around and wondering: “Hmm… should I get zinc or copper gutters? What’s the actual difference between these two materials?” then you’ve come to the right place. Gutters play an important role in both the practical and aesthetic aspects of homes and businesses.

The type of metal used in their construction not only affects how they look but also how well they work. To ensure your gutter system lasts for a long time, you’ll want to make sure that you’re thinking about your personal style, budget, and the characteristics of the metals available (which, most of the time, are copper and zinc).

In this article, we’ll be going over the differences between zinc and copper gutters. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but you may want to know the pros and cons of these different types of metal before investing in a new gutter system. Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need New Gutters?

Most people don’t pay much attention to their gutters until they run into problems — which are most often caused by neglect. These issues can include leaks that damage equipment, an increase in pests, or moisture and mold that end up damaging the foundation. A lot of people are caught off guard by gutter issues, and end up having to deal with unexpected and expensive property repairs.

To avoid these issues and find gutters that match both the appearance and functionality you want for your property, you’ll need to consult a licensed gutter professional from Storm Master Gutters. They can help you compare zinc vs copper gutters, discuss their uses and costs, and assist you in selecting the gutters that best fit your specific needs.

Zinc vs Copper Gutters: What’s the Difference?

There are more differences between zinc and copper gutters than you might think. If they weren’t all that different, we wouldn’t be doing this comparison for you! Let’s talk about the main differences between zinc and copper gutters below. This should help you decide what type of gutters you want to get for your home or business — depending, of course, on your budget, where you live or work, and what the weather is generally like.

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Your first question, when choosing between zinc and copper gutters may very well be: “Well, how do they differ in appearance?” Copper colored gutters tend to be the favorite in this case because they have a rustic finish. They’re ideal for more luxurious or historical homes and businesses, and they blend seamlessly with brick and wood exteriors.

However, the choice between zinc vs copper gutters goes beyond initial appearance; it’s about versatility. While copper gutters have style, they lack easy customization. In contrast, zinc gutters offer a lot of different styles and colors. When all is said and done, though, opting for copper gutters always makes a bold statement, so those seeking visible gutters for stylistic reasons might want to lean toward a more flashy alternative.

Durability and Longevity

When deciding between zinc and copper gutters, homeowners and property owners often wonder if they’ll need to replace their gutter system in their lifetime. While both zinc and copper outlast aluminum, copper stands out for one important reason: its resilience to saltwater.

In coastal areas, where the air has high salt content, zinc rain gutters are, unfortunately, prone to permanent staining. We would suggest regularly power washing zinc gutters that have been exposed to salt air (or are located within 1km of the sea). Neglecting this maintenance can lead to a breakdown, which could reduce the gutter system’s lifespan by 20-40 years compared to those installed inland.

Maintaining zinc gutters in coastal regions can, frankly, be pretty demanding — which is why some homeowners choose to go with copper gutters instead. Keep in mind that, under the best conditions, both copper and zinc outlast other gutter materials. However, unlike zinc, copper actually strengthens as it weathers chemically, especially when exposed to saltwater.


Appearance and durability are important, but let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the “zinc vs copper gutters” debate: the cost. Copper stands the test of time, so it’s no surprise, really, that it comes with a higher price tag. Compared to zinc gutters, you can expect copper gutters to cost anywhere from 10 to 100 percent more. The cost variation depends on factors like mold shapes, required soldering, and the complexity of the installation process.

Another factor you’ll want to take into consideration is your location and how it might influence which gutter material you choose to go with. In areas with higher crime rates, zinc gutters could be a practical alternative to copper. Why, you might ask? Well, since zinc has fewer applications in modern electronics, it’s not as attractive to thieves looking to steal and resell raw material (as strange as it may sound, it does happen).

If the price of copper gutters is within your budget, there’s actually a way that you can enjoy the benefits that come with copper gutters (i.e. durability and long life) while also maintaining an unassuming appearance throughout their lifetime. You can purchase zinc-coated copper gutters from Storm Master Gutters, and enjoy their benefits without having to worry about people trying to steal them.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between zinc and copper gutters, you’ll generally want to weigh three factors: how long the gutters last, how they look, and how much they cost. Both copper and zinc gutters come with their own set of advantages — and drawbacks. It just depends on where you live, what the weather (and crime rate) is like, and what your budget is.

Understanding the characteristics of these gutter materials in relation to your region and needs is where an experienced gutter contractor (like the contractors at Storm Master Gutters) comes in handy. One thing is certain: both zinc and copper gutters are resilient and enduring. Either would make a valuable addition to your home or business! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Storm Master Gutters, feel free to visit our website!

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