Are Rain Gutter Covers Worth It?

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Cleaning out gutters can be tedious and time-consuming. It can also be dangerous. You can easily slip and fall off a ladder, or the ladder can lose its hold in the ground and tip over with you on it.

Rain gutter covers are advertised to make your life a whole lot easier. Some advertise that you will never have to clean your gutters again, while others say you will not have to clean them as often as you would without these rain gutter covers.

Best Rain Gutters

There are many gutter options out there to choose from but finding the best rain gutter is dependent on some of factors, including:

  • Material you wish to use
  • Design you wish to have
  • Price you wish to pay

Then you compare each one and decided which is the best one.

1. Vinyl Gutters

These have become the most common to use because they never rust or corrode, and they have a relatively cheap price. They are easily put together because they are lightweight and snap together.

The problem with vinyl gutters can turn out to be pretty major. There is the potential to sag in sections if not installed properly. Also, over time, vinyl gutters can grow brittle and crack in extreme cold. You will eventually need to replace these gutters, especially if you live in a colder climate. That would make this less cost-efficient in the long run.

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2. Aluminum Gutters

Much like vinyl gutters, aluminum gutters are lightweight, rust-proof, and easy to work with. They also have weather-resistant properties, so they do not fall apart when exposed to colder climates. Aluminum gutters also have the options of being seamless, which some people prefer.

So, what’s their problem? They are not structurally strong when compared to other materials. They can be dented or misshaped. There are aluminum gutters made out of a strong aluminum product to help with this, but it can still be a problem.

3. Steel and Copper Gutters

These gutters have a few different varieties available, but galvanized steel is the most popular option because of its competitive pricing, and they are sturdier than aluminum gutters. The drawback? It rusts and eventually will rust all the way through.

Stainless steel gutters, however, are considered to be the strongest material possible for gutters. They are shiny and will not rust. The only real issue with these types of gutters is the price. If you decided you want stainless steel gutters, expect to pay a hefty price for them.

Copper gutters are much like stainless steel gutters in their beauty and being indestructible. However, the price for these can be pretty hefty, as well.

DIY Gutters

DIY gutters may seem tempting, at first. The materials are easily available at home improvement stores. There’s no special equipment necessary and installing your gutters can be done within a day. This option also has less of a price tag than hiring someone to do it for you.

That being said, if you do not know what you are doing, what you saved on the costs initially will not be a save in the long run. Not only can you possibly get hurt if you fall off the ladder, but you can also make mistakes in the installation process, including:

  • Choosing the wrong type of gutter
  • Choosing the wrong gutter size
  • Spacing gutter hangers too far apart
  • Failing to account for roof pitch
  • Incorrect installation of downspouts

Gutter Guards

Why do you need gutter protection systems?

  • Save money
  • Less maintenance
  • Protect your home from backed up gutters

Gutter guards are a gutter protection system, and they are key to protecting your home from any possible damages that could be caused by backed-up gutters. There is another equally important factor in using gutter guards; cleaning gutters can be a dangerous task.

There are three types of gutter guards.

1. Mesh Screens

These are a less expensive option. But debris often collects on the screen, making having this gutter guard redundant to use if you are looking to clean your gutters less often.

2. Perforated Metal

These gutter guards are attached under roof shingles to cover the gutter. This one is good at keeping out leaves, but smaller objects, such as seeds, will still get through. The more this type of debris builds up, the more likely water will start to overflow.

3. Nose-Forward Solid Gutter Guard

This rain gutter cover relies on its shape to prevent debris build-up in gutters. Nothing is perfect, but this gutter guard is pretty close. Due to its shape, debris is meant to fall off the edge of it, while water flows into the gutter.

Are Rain Gutter Covers Worth It?

If you get them professionally installed, gutter guards can cost you upwards of $2000 for the average home. They also do not 100 percent prevent leaves and other debris from entering your gutters, so your gutters will still need to be checked and cleaned, just not as often.

However, you do not have to maintain your gutters as often, therefore having to get on a ladder less often.

So, are gutter guards worth it?

Most agree, yes, they are worth it. Though the price may be hefty to pay at first, they will save you costs in the long run, especially if you get your gutters professionally cleaned.

If you clean your gutters, getting gutter guards helps save you time and the possibility of injuring yourself.

To Sum it all Up

Gutter guards have great benefits, but they are not to be 100 percent relied on. Remember to periodically check on your gutters even if you have a gutter guard installed.

The price can be costly for gutter guards, but it is well worth it in the long run.

You can have them professionally installed or you can DIY, but professionally installed is always the better option, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

If you find that cleaning your gutters has become an arduous or dangerous task for you, consider getting rain gutter covers.

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  1. Chance Cook says:

    I’d like to get a vinyl gutter because they don’t rust. That would make my life a lot easier. I could have them installed and then never really worry about them again.

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