Secrets in Water Drainage: When to Opt for a Longer Gutter Downspout Size

Gutter Downspout Sizes

The size of your gutter downspout matters, especially during the rainy season. Gutter downspouts are vital to the functionality of your gutter system as a whole, but how exactly does one decide what size of gutter downspout they want to utilize? There are certainly a number of factors to keep in mind, as well as several gutter downspout sizes to choose from. If you live in a particularly rainy area, you might want to opt for a longer gutter downspout or invest in a gutter downspout extension.

When deciding whether or not you want to use a longer gutter downspout, you’ll want to take three factors into consideration: the size of your roof, the level of rainfall in your area, and the overall capacity of the gutter. This article will break down these factors, as well as go over the various signs and issues that may indicate whether or not you should opt for a longer gutter downspout size.

Roof Size

The size of your roof needs to be calculated precisely, or you’ll be in danger of implementing the wrong gutter downspout size within your gutter system. If you’re worried about getting the correct measurements for your roof and gutters, you can always seek help or advice from Storm Master Gutters or any local gutter supply company. They can also help you out when it comes to choosing between multiple different gutter downspout sizes, as that can understandably be pretty overwhelming.

The type of roof your house has will also make a difference. For a gable-end roof, you will only need to make two calculations — one on each side of the roof. For intersecting roofs and hip roofs, though, it gets a little more complicated. You will need to add up the area of each roof surface to get the total square footage of the roof in order to determine what size of gutter downspout you should implement.

Rainfall Intensity in Your Area

Naturally, you’re going to want a longer gutter downspout size if the area you live in has very intense rainfall. You never want your gutters to be overwhelmed in the event of a rain storm, so keeping the annual rainfall of your area in mind is definitely a smart idea. If you’re not sure what the rainfall intensity figures are around where you live, you should be able to obtain that information from your local Weather Bureau.

The capacity of the gutter and downspout system is tested based on how much rain water the gutters are able to collect and then remove and how quickly. Using a longer gutter downspout size will ensure gutter efficiency in particularly rainy areas. A longer gutter downspout will be able to remove rain water quickly so that your gutter system does not get overwhelmed in the event of a storm.

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Gutter Capacity

Consider both the slope of your roof and the size of the gutter. These factors will affect the capacity of the gutter’s drainage, and they are typically what causes most gutter-related issues. Water is likely to run off a steeper roof at a faster pace, which could lead to overflowing, water damage to your house’s sidings, and other annoying problems. These issues are far more likely to occur if you have not implemented large enough gutter downspout sizes within your gutter system.

You want the gutter outlet capacity to be exactly in tune with the speed at which rain water will be running off the roof. Remember: you can always ask a gutter professional for help if you’re having trouble determining what gutter downspout sizes you’ll need to use in order to prevent overflow and other gutter-related issues. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in situations like this!

When to Opt for a Longer Gutter Downspout Size

Having learned all that we know now, let’s dive into when and why you should opt for a longer gutter downspout size. It’s perfectly fine to have a shorter gutter downspout size in some cases, but your gutter downspout sizes should ultimately be determined based on the annual rainfall in your location as well as the shape and style of your roof.

There is Too Much Rain

If it’s been raining a lot lately and you’ve been noticing problems with your gutters, it might be time to implement a longer gutter downspout size. As previously stated, too much rain can flood your gutters, sometimes even causing them to burst if they get too overwhelmed. This creates an even bigger problem, and you will end up losing more time and money than if you had proactively installed a longer gutter downspout size in the first place. Be aware!

Your Roof is Very Steep

This is where having some basic knowledge of physics comes in handy. Having a very steep roof will cause rain water to run off of it at a much higher velocity, causing the gutter to become filled with water all at once. This is where it’s helpful to have a longer gutter downspout size or even a gutter downspout extension, which extends out from the house and provides more space for the rain water to flow.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to know when you need a longer gutter downspout size, but it’s good to understand that the main reason you will need one is likely due to increased rainfall in your area. Implementing a whole new gutter downspout understandably sounds like a hassle to some, but you can always seek the help of gutter professionals if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Be hypervigilant and keep an eye on your gutters while it’s raining. After the rain has stopped, you can go outside and check if there has been any overflow from the gutters or water damage done to the house. Invest in a longer gutter downspout size today, before the rainy season really starts to kick in. You will definitely thank yourself for it!

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