Does Gutter Protection Really Work?

gutter protection

None of us want to spend money we don’t have to, but there are times when the extra investment can really make a difference. A good quality, properly installed gutter system protects your home or business from water damage from the rainwater that hits your roof and siding, but even the best gutter system can use a little help.

That is where gutter protection comes in. Inevitably, your gutters are going to get clogged with leaves and other debris that will negatively affect their ability to do their job. Going up on a ladder yourself to clean them out a couple of times of year or hiring a professional gutter cleaning company to do it for you is essential, but what if there was another way to make this chore a little less of a hassle?

There are gutter protection products you can add to your gutter for extra protection. They help keep the leaves and debris out of the gutters so you have less cleaning to worry about. Wouldn’t that give you such a piece of mind?

Here are Storm Masters, we take your gutter protection very seriously. That is why we offer four different gutter protection products.


The LeaFree keeps the leaves and debris from entering your gutters in the first place so there is less cleaning out you have to do. It is very cost-effective and will get the job done right for you. And best yet, it comes with a 20 year free-flow warranty from the date of installation.

During that time, if your gutters clog for any reason, we will come out and clean them for you free of charge. LeaFree is also a very, safe and stable product that comes with an effective fastening system.

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Leaf Relief by PlyGem

Leaf Relief by PlyGem also known as the patented Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System with Access Panel is a little different type of gutter protection. It strengthens your gutters by supporting them from front to back and end to end. This way you don’t worry about dings and dents that can often occur from the ladder and ice or snow. The Leaf Relief by PlyGem can also protect your gutters from warping. And on top of that it also prevents leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters.

The Leaf Relief mounts directly to your gutter so you don’t have to worry about lifting and shingles which may void your roof warranty. The biggest asset of this gutter protection product is that it can drain more than twice the highest recorded rainfall per hour and it comes with 25 year manufacturer warranty.


The GutterRx actually completely surrounds your gutters so no animals can get in to build their nests. It comes with a manufacturer’s limited 20 year no clog warranty. It is really unique design. The ridges help promote air flow which makes the gutters self-cleaning because dry debris simply blows off with the slightest breeze.

The GutterRx also strengthens your gutters because it is also attached to the front and back of the gutter. It won’t damage in any way your roof. With GutterRx you won’t have to deal with the hassle of snow and ice buildup.

Another benefit of choosing the GutterRx is that it is made completely of aluminum so it is very durable and won’t warp or deteriorate over time. It comes in white or dark bronze in both 5 inch and 6 inch sizes. Worried about aesthetics? The GutterRx is not visible from the ground.


The ShurFlo Gutter Guard distinguishes itself with its special design. It is not installed under your roof shingle and it has a patented angle built into the design of the system so the debris won’t just sit on the system. Just like a slop roof easily stays clean so will your gutters with ShurFlo installed.

The ShurFlo just simpled attaches to the gutter and is screwed into place. It comes in two models: the ShurFlo and the ShurFlo Step Down. The latter one can handle extreme water flow that is common in some localities. And the ShutterFlo is one of the only gutter guards on the market right now that doesn’t require any maintenance and comes with a manufacturer’s 20 year material warranty.

At Storm Masters, we have been providing gutters and gutter services like installing gutters for over 40 years now and we guarantee affordable and reliable products and services always. We also provide gutter cleaning, gutter repair services. We are experts at all parts of a gutter system.

Don’t take on the extra stress of taking care of your gutters on your own. Let us take care of it for you in a very affordable, cost-effective way.

Want to learn more about how gutter protection works and how we can help you protect your home from water damage, call us for a free estimate today. Don’t forget to ask about leaf filter gutter protection.

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