What Do Gutters Do for a Building?

what do gutters do

We have all seen gutters on the rooftops of basically every building in the world. And we have been told by numerous people numerous times that they serve a very important and specific purpose. It has something to do with the rain water that falls from the sky, diverting it, and keeping a property safe and dry.

Still, many homeowners aren’t entirely sure what gutters really do for a building. They don’t know what are gutters made of, box gutters sizes and specifications, or what rain gutters cost. They are oblivious about much of it. And, therefore, many homeowners don’t know the value of a gutter. If that’s the case, they could be spending too much on too little and putting their entire homes at risk.

Experts will agree that gutters hold a very pivotal spot in the maintenance, structural strength, and total well-being of a home or business. In fact, any type of building is stronger with a gutter. This is because their primary function is to contain and manage the rainwater that falls plus then carry it away from the building in order to prevent some serious damage and problems to the structure.

The Purpose Of Gutters

Everybody knows just how dangerous and damaging unchecked rainwater can be. We have all seen floods overtake home and businesses and we know it can cost thousands of dollars to fix. And it rain can be so detrimental that structures are never the same again after some storms, forced to be broken down and demolished. What do gutters do about that? They are built to collect the water that falls on the roof of a building and channel it away from the foundation and walls. All of this helps stop water from pooling around the foundation of a home or business, which is usually incredibly damage and is the leading cause of erosion, flooding, and irreversible damage over the years.

By taking this rainwater and moving it away from the foundation of the building, rain gutters prevent all of the soil around the base of the building from turning saturated. Experts know that excessive moisture around the bottom of a building has a tendency to lead to expansion of the soil plus contraction too. This can potentially cause cracks in the foundation as well as instability too. These problems aren’t always obvious either. That means that, sometimes years later, they make themselves apparent when the damage has been done and it is too late to save the building.

No More Erosion

Erosion is a huge challenge for many homeowners and gutters can prevent this. If there is no proper rainwater management on a building, rainwater can wash off soil, which will create trenches and expose the foundation to potential, long-term damage.

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Well-made and reliable gutters can help stop water from moving into basements or crawl spaces within a home, which will ultimately reduce any risk of flooding or water damage in the long term. They also stop rainwater from pouring down the sides of the building. Years and years of rainwater on the side of a building will create staining of the paint as well as undeniable deterioration, as well as other forms of damage to the exterior, siding, paint, and trim of a property.

Eliminating Water Stains

Water stains and rot are something that all homeowners want to avoid at any cost. Thankfully, gutters can do just that by channeling the rainwater away from the roof edges and eaves of a building. This will prevent the runoff from flowing down and creating these nasty-looking stains. Plus, it’ll stop rot, and decay to wood in its tracks. This will keep the house structurally strong plus appealing to the eye as well.

By moving rainwater away from a home, gutters assist in preventing erosion of the soil, which is a major issue in landscaping matters. This preserves the strength as well as the appearance of home gardens and lawns.

Well-made and properly functioning gutters will prevent excessive water from pooling around windows and doors as well, which in turn reduces all risk of infiltration of that water and, ultimately, damage to areas of a home or business.

Stopping Ice Dams

In colder parts of the country, rain gutters will prevent formation of ice dams, which naturally occur whenever snow that is melting then refreezes around the edges of a roof. Ice dams will then lead to water backup, leaks, and roof damage. But with a gutter, the water never has the chance to slow down and convert into an ice dam, which are often unnoticed by homeowners as most people don’t climb on their roofs during the coldest months of the year.

Gutters also save homeowners money because they give this vital part of a property a longer lifespan. By diverting all of that rainwater away from the roof and stopping any pooling, rain gutters extend the lifespan of the materials that make up the roof and reduce the risk of water-related problems, like deterioration and decay. Homeowners often spend thousand of dollars when their roofs are damaged. And, unlike other parts of a home, a property owner cannot go cheap on this part of their house.

Therefore, a gutter will ensure they save a lot of money – and reduce the risk of future headaches.

Finally, managing rainwater properly also helps stop moisture from building up in and around the building. This will reduce the risk of black mold and other mildew growth which has been shown to adversely impact indoor air quality as well as the health of people inside too. This can create a serious health risk to people so it’s important that these molds and mildews never get a chance to grow.


Although some people aren’t aware of their purpose gutters are actually a very important part of any building’s construction and drainage system. They protect the foundation of a property, as well as structure, exterior, and interior from any potential water damage. This contributes to the longevity, safety, and overall value of the property. Regular maintenance and cleaning of gutters are downright vital to make sure that they properly function and keep providing such important benefits and safety.

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