6 Benefits of Galvalume Gutters

galvalume gutters

There are a ton of gutters out there in the world, and you’ve probably seen them all in your search for gutters. Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, and more types that all have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Not to mention things like price, cosmetic appeal, and the need for various types of maintenance.

However, there’s a gutter type that we think you haven’t heard of before, and that’s Galvalume gutters. So, here are some of the benefits that the gutters might have for you, as well as why you should prefer them over other types of gutters.

What Is Galvalume?

First, we should delve deep into what Galvalume is before we talk about its benefits. First, they are made of steel, and have a coating on them that is a mix of 45% zinc and 55% aluminum. This mixture of the coating provides the gutters with added durability and protection against corrosion from the elements.

It was invented in 1975 and was created by a hot dipping process that coats the steel in the mixture. Plus, it gives you the best of all the gutters in one convenient package.

1. Very Resistant and Strong

The Galvalume gutters are very resistant to corrosion, as well as smudging and fingerprints. While the various other metal types tend to fall victim to corrosion or patinas with age, galvalume stays just about the same and lasts about nine times longer than traditional steel gutters.

Additionally, despite weighing around 150 pound per 100 feet of gutter, they have a very high strength to weight ratio and a strong structure with them. They can resist sagging and bowing over time, and are also resistant to cracking and chipping with age.

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You don’t need to worry about having to clean your gutters or having these gutters deteriorate with age. It’s also very durable when it comes to the weather, able to support both changes in temperature and also the fiercest storm that mother nature can dish out. If you want very powerful gutters that can be used just about anywhere, then these are the best gutters for you.

2. A Good Affordable Option

It’s a pretty good middle of the road option, where they are more expensive than the aluminum gutters, but also very durable and protected by the coating. Knowing that these gutters have an innate resistance to corrosion and the elements, the price point doesn’t seem so bad whenever you figure out that these gutters will probably outlast you!

If you are on a budget, but don’t want money to prevent you getting good quality gutters, then these are the best gutters for you.

3. The Customization

Galvalume gutters do have a few restrictions when it comes to giving them accessories, but even then there is still some customization to be found. First the galvalume gutters are very safe to paint and can be colored to match any home exterior.  As long as you clean the gutters thoroughly and also remove all the oils and dirt from them, they can be painted without any trouble.

You also need to take the durability of galvalume in stride whenever you choose hangers and other accessories to use. Since galvalume is so resistant to corrosion and other damage, you will need to pick materials that are similarly resistant. After all, you don’t want a set of gutters that looks perfect, only for the hangers to look corroded and damaged.

So make sure to get aluminum or stainless steel screws, fasteners, and other accessories to make sure they stay just as durable and clean looking as the other gutters. These gutters are also created on site, and they are very easy to manipulate so all the cuts and bends match your home.

4. The Heat Absorption

Additionally, the galvalume gutters are very reflective, meaning that they do not absorb heat like other metal gutters do. By keeping the heat away from your roof, it can keep your home cooler and also reduce the damage caused by the sun’s glare. Additionally, galvalume is fireproof and extremely resistant to high temperatures, so if you live in an area where it is hot, these are the right gutters for your environment.

5. It’s Better Than Galvanized Steel

While Galvanized Steel is partially similar to galvalume steel, it isn’t the same and is a bit inferior. Galvanized types of gutters are steel gutters that have been hot dipped into a bath of very hot melted zinc and then left to dry. This protection keeps the steel underneath safe from corrosion, by sacrificing the zinc first.

However, galvanized steel will eventually corrode once all of the zinc melts away, and the galvalume steel is much more durable in that regard. Depending on the environment galvanized might last longer, especially if the zinc is kept away from the corrosive salt air on the coast, but galvanized steel is still the best option.

6. It Is Easy To Work With

Our team at Storm Masters assembles your gutters on site, and galvalume is fairly easy to customize to the needs of your house. We use only the best gutter supplies and tools to install your gutters, and our team installs them correctly the first time. Additionally, the galvalume gutters are well put together and seamless, so there’s no need to worry about the gutters leaking like other aluminum gutter types do.

If you do wind up having a problem, then our team will come out and inspect or replace your gutters for free!

Make Your Next Gutters Galvalume

We know how to make Galvalume gutters that will support all your needs and then some, and our team takes pride in being one of the best options for galvalume gutters. If you need new gutters for your house or want to replace old ones, then galvalume is one of the best options available. It is one of the best types of materials that gives you a combination of all the other gutter types on an affordable budget. Who wouldn’t want that?

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