Commercial Box Gutter Sizes: What Size Do I Need?

box gutter sizes

When trying to decide on what commercial gutters you need it is important to realize that the size of the gutters can affect how well they work for you. Storm Master Gutters has 3 box gutter sizes to offer you, the 6, 7, and 8-inch.

Each size can hold more water than the last, but if you pick one that is too large, you risk water pooling in the rain system and causing problems.

Here is what you need to know!

Why Box Gutters?

This style of gutter is designed to have a smooth and professional look, plus, they can transport more water than residential gutters. For example, by going up to a 6-inch from a 5, you are increasing the amount of water the gutters can hold by 40%.

While a smaller commercial building might be able to get away with 5-inch box gutters, we generally recommend that you start by looking at the 6-inch sizes. This is because commercial buildings tend to have more water built up on them than residential buildings, meaning the gutters need to be larger.

Each of these sizes is better suited for different situations and types of commercial buildings. Keep reading to find out what size would suit your needs the best.

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6-Inch Box Gutters

Those who have metal or tile roofs should also think of 6-inches as the minimum size requirement. Tile can be set higher above the roof line than other materials, causing the runoff to go farther. When that happens, you need a larger gutter system to catch the water.

Another reason that you would need 6-inch gutters, would be the 3 x 4-inch downspouts that normally go with them. These downspouts are larger and can handle more debris than residential box gutter sizes, such as leaves or twigs, passing through them.

So, if your building is in an area that causes it to collect debris, we would recommend one of these bigger sizes. If you are located directly underneath trees, sizing up would be a good idea.

In this size, we also offer seamless custom gutters– meaning that we can tailor the gutters directly to your building. However, depending on the size of your roof, you might need to go larger with your box gutters.

In short, 6-inch box gutters are the best for commercial buildings that are smaller than something like a warehouse and larger than the average home. We would recommend them for:

  • Restaurant chains or establishments
  • Small stores
  • Apartment buildings
  • Average sized office buildings

7-Inch Box Gutters

This is the middle of the box gutter sizes, meaning that it is meant for commercial buildings that are larger than what the 6-inch can handle. If you are unsure if your building is going to have too much runoff for the 6-inch, then sizing up might be your safest choice.

If your building is made from steel, then this is probably a better size for you. Steel buildings typically have very large panels on their roofs that cause water to flow quickly. When this happens, the runoff will launch off the end of your building- meaning you need the wider gutters to reach it.

In some cases, the 6-inch does not allow you enough room to install the downspout away from where people walk. When that is the case, you will need the 7-inch to transport the water farther away to where the downspout can be installed safely.

With 7-inch gutters, you are going to need them depending on the material of your roof, if you need downspouts spaced out farther, or if you simply have a very large roof. You should consider getting this box gutter size if your commercial property is any of the following:

  • Hotels
  • Smaller malls
  • Medical centers
  • Larger office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Large grocery stores

8-Inch Box Gutters

These are the largest size of commercial box gutters available on the market today. You would only need these if your commercial property is huge or needs to handle a ton of water regularly. It is rare for buildings to need this size, so be sure that you have thought about it in detail before deciding to go with this one.

Another reason you might use an 8-inch gutter system is if you have a building with extremely large peaks that collect rain blown into them during storms. For example, a building like a large church might consider getting gutters in this size to handle the large amounts of runoff.

These large commercial gutters are typically saved for the biggest buildings. If you are unsure if this box gutter system would be right for you, we would be glad to help. The best way to tell is to check out the amount of rainfall that you can expect on average in your area- the higher the number, the larger your rain system will need to be.

If you have a massive roof on your commercial property, then this might just be the best option for you. Remember that materials like steel cause the runoff to travel farther, so if your large building is made from those materials, you might be looking at getting an 8-inch system.

These are the types of buildings that might consider getting the 8-inch out of all the other box gutter sizes:

  • Larger malls or shopping centers
  • Warehouses
  • Supercenters
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial Structures

Commercial Gutter Conclusion

Of course, your commercial property might not fall into the categories that we listed under the sizes. In those cases, you might consider how your building compares to them in size, materials used in building the roof, and the pitches of the roofs. All of these factor into what gutter size you need.

You should also know that Storm Master Gutters wants to help you every step of the way. If you are feeling uncertain about what size of commercial box gutters you need, contact us today for your free consultation.

We’ll give you a quote and suggestions on what box gutter sizes would work out the best for your commercial property.

3 thoughts on “Commercial Box Gutter Sizes: What Size Do I Need?”

  1. ROBERT MAIR says:

    20 m long box gutter 6 inch

  2. Gregory says:

    Our church need about 100 get of 6 inch box gutters how much is the cost And when can we get them??

  3. DAVID CARROLL says:

    30x 40 raised seam metal roof, 5/12 pitch. what sized of box gutters are adequate to serve this roof. in kentucky?

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