4 Gutter Accessories Every Property Owner Should Know

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There are levels of disaster when it comes to lacking the right gutter protection. Leaves and waste begin to pile up, which can clog your gutters over time, damaging them or pulling them down altogether. In colder regions, ice can build up and dam the pathways that are designed to dispose of debris and keep it away from your home. If water isn’t flowing properly on a regular basis, it can seep into your walls and warp the shape of the gutter, further preventing it from efficiently draining. As a result, moisture can crop up around the roofing and outer walls of your house, seeping into the foundation and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

When you’re spending time and money on removing mold colonies created by excess moisture, repairing your walls, and scooping out leaves and wet animal debris by hand, you’ll wish you had invested more in the gutters themselves. Here are 4 gutter accessories that will help you prevent clogs, leaks, ice, mold, and give you the protection from leaves and debris that you need to keep your gutters doing what they’re designed to do: protecting your home.


Depending on where your home is located, leaves and debris cropping up in your gutter could be a major problem. If a dam of leaves prevents rainwater from flowing, not only to be redirected from your roof but to clean your gutters as well, you could end up facing a hefty maintenance or remodeling bill over time.

LeaFree is a cost-effective system of gutter protection from leaves that will not only prevent clumping and debris but will also save you the hassle of cleaning the gutters by hand. LeaFree comes with a 20-year guarantee that your gutters will flow properly. They claim to be on call to maintain or fix it for you if anything goes wrong.

Leaf Relief

Gutters can warp or bend, especially in cold areas, and this can prevent them from flowing properly, leading to excess moisture and damage to your home. PlyGem’s patented Leaf Relief Continuous Hanging System provides affordable support to prevent your gutters from being damaged or warped by heavy ice and snow or being crushed by a ladder. The reinforcing panel attaches directly to the gutter, so you get the leaf filter gutter protection you need without having to mess with your roof.

The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on the Leaf Relief and promises that it drains water twice as fast as the highest recorded rate of rainfall, ensuring that there’s never any blockage or excess debris in your gutters during even the harshest storms. By helping your gutters maintain their shape, Leaf Relief makes sure they’re working properly when you need them most.

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If you live in a wooded area or have a nesting problem on your property, GutterRx is a top-of-the-line gutter protector that may be the accessory you need. It attaches directly to the gutter and is invisible from the ground. GutterRx gives your gutters complete reinforcement and protection from wildlife and the debris that it can bring.

Nests of squirrels and birds and even insect pests can pose a problem for homeowners with open gutters, as they not only create waste and roof damage but can clog up the gutters as well. GutterRx offers a 20-year “no-clog warranty” on its aluminum gutter protectors, which are guaranteed to withstand ice and snow buildup, as well as remain intact over time without warping or breaking down. The ridged surface promotes airflow so that the gutter stays clean and the debris that lands on top can easily blow away.


ShurFlo has one of the sleeker designs in gutter protection technology, fitting on the gutter at a slant so that it mimics the shape of your roof. This design brags that it’s one of the only types of gutter protectors that require zero maintenance after installation since the sloped design allows debris to easily fall off and keep your roof clean.

The company not only offers a 20-year material warranty but also a more advanced model called Shur Flo Step Down, which is designed with additional reinforcement to withstand the higher water flow in areas that have more intense rainfall.

Gutter Types

The type of gutter can also make a difference in the look and functionality of your drainage system. For luxury homes or restoration products, consider copper gutters, which last far longer than aluminum and add a great aesthetic finish to the outside of your home. For a similar look, galvalume is coated steel that functions in a similar way to copper gutters at a more affordable price.

The shape also matters, as it offers a different look and a different kind of gutter protection to suit your needs. Seamless half-round, box, and k style (used primarily for industrial installations) are three different options that can change the kind of protection you get from your gutters.


Many people don’t even think about their gutters. Yet, when they begin to clog, leak, and fail, gutters can prove to be a terrible burden for the average homeowner. Excess moisture can encourage the growth of mold and damage your home, and excess debris and animal waste can smell and look horrible.

This is why getting the right gutter protection is essential and choosing the right gutter accessories is a great first step. Patented reinforcements like the GutterRx and ShurFlo systems will help you prevent warping and breaking under heavy rain and snow loads, while also keeping animals from nesting in your gutters and causing clogs. LeaFree and Leaf Relief can help keep them clean and prevent dry debris from cropping up.

Gutter Accessories are an investment, a prevention measure against future disasters caused by storms or by infestations. By preventing damage to your roof and walls and keeping water and debris flowing as it should, gutter protection increases the value of your home and gives you one less thing to worry about in the day-to-day upkeep of your property.

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