How Do Gutter Prices Compare to Other Home Improvement Products?

Home improvement season calls for taking a look at your budget. Each home improvement project is expensive, so pairing too many in a short amount of time will hurt the bank. If you want to know how gutter installation and replacement prices compare to other home improvement products, you’ve come to the right place.

How Much Do Gutters Cost?

Gutter prices vary widely with how many you need and the kind that you get. As a homeowner, you have many options when it comes to purchasing gutters and some are much cheaper than others.

When buying gutter pieces, you will be paying anywhere from $3-$25 per linear foot. There is a large difference between 3 and 25, so what makes the price vary so much? The answer is the material of the gutter you get and how high of quality it is.

The cheapest gutter material you can buy is vinyl. This is the kind of gutter that you can buy for $3 per linear foot. It is the most budget-friendly option; however, it is not of the best quality. You will likely have to replace your vinyl gutters in a few years when you go with this option.

If you want a gutter that is of higher quality but is more expensive, copper is the way to go. The cost of copper gutters ranges from $13-$25 per linear foot. Copper lasts much longer than the other cheaper options, they increase the property value of your home, and they look super classy.

How Much Do Gutter Downspouts Cost?

Not only do you have to buy gutter pieces when you are installing rain gutters, but you also have to buy a downspout.

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A downspout is where the water from the gutters is led to. The water is drained from the roof through the gutters and goes to the ground with the downspout. They are more expensive than a foot of gutter material, but they are a necessary piece of your gutter.

Depending on the material, a downspout can cost anywhere from $40-$120. They can be bought in any material that you can buy gutter footage in. That way, you can get matching materials to ensure that every piece fits together properly.

The cost of gutters and downspouts together can end up being over $1000 depending on the size of your roof and the material you use.

The Cost of Gutter Installation

Some people try to save money by installing their own gutters. However, this is a lengthy and labor-intensive process. That’s why many people get their gutters installed by professionals.

Gutter installation costs on average costs about $2300, however, that number can be much higher or lower depending on many of the factors that have been listed above.

Many companies will give you estimates for how much gutter installation will cost in total. These estimates will be both the cost of the materials and the price of installation.

How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

Another home improvement product that relates to gutters is gutter guards. This tool is certainly much cheaper than the initial cost of installing gutters, though many people think that the price of gutter guards is still too much to be worth it.

First, gutter guards are a tool that goes on top of the gutters. They have small openings that still allow water from the roof to be drained to the ground, however, they are supposed to block debris like leaves and twigs from falling into the gutters. As they block debris from the gutters, they are meant to reduce the frequency of gutter cleanings that you need.

Gutter guards cost between $0.50-$10 per linear foot. There are several kinds of gutter guards with different qualities and so different prices. The cheapest option is plastic screens, which are so cheap because they can easily break with the wrong kind of debris rolling down on top of it.

However, you can get high-quality gutter guards made out of tough materials that do a much better job keeping debris out of your gutters and last a lot longer.

How Much Do Splash Blocks Cost?

Splash blocks are plastic or cement blocks that will sit underneath a downspout and are hit with redirected water. As the water hits the splash block, it disperses further across the nearby ground, making the ground’s absorption of water much slower. Splash blocks help prevent ground flooding and the flooding of basements.

Splash blocks are one of the cheaper home improvement products and they are the cheapest part of the gutter installation process. On average, a splash block will cost around $10. However, you can surely find options out there that are much more expensive if you want your splash block to be made out of high-quality material.

If you have a larger home that needs several downspouts, you can buy multi-packs of splash blocks to save money.

How Much Do Roof Vents Cost?

If you have been working on installing or cleaning out your gutters and saw vents on the roof or around the gutters, those are roof vents. They help keep the air in your home circulating and are another tool for drying out the water on and around your roof.

Roof vents can be decently expensive on their own, however, they don’t cost as much as entire gutter systems. On average, roof vents will cost $300-$550, but the installation of a roof vent will cost as much as $2000.

Home Improvement is Necessary but Expensive

Making sure that your home is in top shape can be very expensive. As you add more and more improvement products to your home, the price continues to increase. Gutter prices on their own can cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s not including all the other accessories you need.

The best way to handle these expensive prices is by making a budget and sticking to it. There are home improvement options that are both cheap and expensive, it’s all about using what is best for your budget and your home.

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